Stories From The Battlefield: Hamas Tunnels Used To Target Israel’s Kindergartens

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I am sure we can find someone to blame Israel for putting kindergartens in the wrong spot...
Ha, he is here lol.
Mnnn, not sure I agree with that: Quote:

"Basically, the Muslim threat is over; the war is won. Threats are short-term, not long-term, though admittedly, these are legion. All we need to do is continue ‘steady as she goes’ and avoid major blunders
It is our war to lose now. They can cause mayhem, but only we can cave."

Hardly the words of a Zionist nut job. The only part I didn't agree with is the threat against / from Iran (we've chatted about this before and Iran have FAR greater problems than Israel)

Otherwise the Ops report seems feasible, logical and doable knowing what the 'manifesto' of Hamas is. This whole fiasco appears to have started for no other reason than Hamas are short of funds, the Takfiri money of choice is now being poured into ISIS. Hamas, being a tad miffed that Qatar have cut them off financially and Egypt have cut them off physically needed a War to garner funding not only from their usual suspects but also the aid necessary to rebuild the place (from us mugs, of course)

Hamas have behaved in the traditional fashion (notice how they couldn't even wait till the expiry of the cease fire before rocketing Israel) and deserve everything they are likely to get from the IDF and IAF. And, as has been proved numerous times during the conflict, to use civilians and kids as human shields. Despicable! How could any democratic Nation do business with such vile filth?
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