stories from Iraq & Afghanistan veterans

I’m a 26-year-old former QDG officer. I was a Troop Leader on Telic 1 and an SO3 Telic 5 and left the Army earlier this year. Since leaving the Army I have begun researching a book telling the important stories of what servicemen and women have suffered, achieved and witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am particularly concerned by the far-reaching, yet unreported, psychological problems that are being caused by these conflicts.
I am looking for veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan whom I can interview to learn their story, viewpoints and concerns. I want to interview anyone who has been exposed to this and feels it has changed them : men and women, any rank, regular and Territorial, still serving and those who have resigned. I strongly feel that it is not just possible, but also important to produce a collection of genuine and authoritative accounts of soldiers’ experiences. An account would inform the public about the heroism and severe but largely unreported problems that mark the lives of those who served in west and central Asia.
I hope that some of you will welcome the chance to have your stories heard and recorded. My overall ethical and literary goal will be to represent each veteran in the noblest possible light. I also give you my absolute assurance that I will respect the privacy of my interview subjects and that I will submit a draft for approval before anything I write is shown to anyone else. My goal is not to make money ; it is to make people aware of an important yet largely ignored issue.
If you are interested in this I would very much like to hear from you. I am London-based but quite willing to travel. Arthur Chamberlain :


I think I knew your father. Was he also QDG?
I have a few from Telic and Telic 5 , about a troop leader who had''connections'' in the whisky business. Ensuring we (the 2 troops that were attached to the WG BG at AL AMARAH) had lots to drink on a flooded , muddy ,raining Christmas day at Camp Abu Naji that also had a power cut . I am sure you have plenty of tales your self Ex Capt C . I will spead the word and come up with a few from Telic 8 . Regards S@@.

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