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I'm a reporter for a national newspaper and I'm looking for realife, true, amsuing, inspiring stories about the British military.

Possibly highlight something which is being done wrong or show the civilians what really goes on and inspire them.

Possible cash depending on the story.

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DIN 2007DIN03-006
Just for your information. we'll cover the bad things that are happening but we are also looking for tales of bravery, inspiring, quirky and up beat stories.

We are not looking to slam the MOD.


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I do hope you are not asking for serving personnel to break the new rules on talking to the press....

ps Did you ask the owners of the site about starting this thread?
We as serving soldiers cannot speak to the Press without prior permission from our respective chains of command, as outlined in DIN 2007DIN03-006

If someone from DGMC at MoD ok's your request and informs us of that, then the Bosses may give you permission to trawl.

That said, it is still up to individual Soldiers to get permission from their respective CoC's before they can speak to you.

I don't believe there are any restrictions on Soldiers recently retired from the Army speaking to you.

If that is wrong , I'm sure someone will correct me.

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