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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Is it just the TA that takes its most useless inept "soldiers" and puts them in charge of the stores ? Is it to give them an easily achievable role or to keep them out of the way ? Does this happen in the regs, is it some sort of self improvement plan for those with an iq lower than that of my kitchen sponge ?

    Gentlemen, unleash your vitriol
  2. Ask Stacker1, he's a regular Norman. He's mega fit and switched on and everyone around him both above and below in rank is fat and unless. :lol:
  3. There was an unnamed TA HQ in London whose G4 department was cruelly culled in one month by a savage round of heart attacks. Efficiency actually improved with corpses in place of 30 year Sergeants.
  4. Maybe I need motivation.

    Most stackers will never work in an SQMS or a QMs role (thats why they are All Arms Courses).

    But now you have started me on the useless twats, yes it does happen in the regs.
    Useless fat bastard?
    Not wanted by your troop?
    Can't deploy?
    Then have a cushy job where you assume the same power as Hitler and get to fuck people about.
  5. Its the 'can't do' spirit that I admire the most.

  6. Nope am not saying a single nasty accurate word, until i get my no 2s in my hands.
    After all You can wait over 10 weeks for exchanging cbt 95 items as the stores are concentrating on no 2s for a parade.

    ITs nice to have 9 days to prep yer kit from scratch.

    Smiles at the closeness of the local bakers to the Bn HQ.
  7. Sorry I can't agree (entirely), whilst my Clothing Storeman is so fat that he can no longer wear uniform, I've not had any dramas getting kit out of him.

    Though this could be because he has a boy to do the fetching and carrying and he isn't required to leave his chair.
  8. Right, lets get this straight.

    Stores are for fcukin storing. :x

    If it was called issues then it would be for issuing. :lol:

    Even with my latest job,you have to guess your size for the stores to send you an article of clothing."Can I pop in I'm only down the road"? is met with a polite "No" translated to mean " P!ss off it's the stores,an all hallowed ground that shall not be trodden by mere minions" :)
  9. What I don't get is why they get treat you like you've just shat on their granny if you lose a bungee in Afghanistan, you'd think they were paying for it. :D
  10. The cook in my old unit is in charge of the stores.
  11. Mongs in stores! No never, I can t belive I m reading this In nearly 20 years of service I ve never come across such a thing!

    What unit has them?
  12. In my experience, it was people having unreasonable expectations with regard to stores and store mongs that caused all the problems. At Detmold you went to the stores to talk about fishing, to drink coffee and if you were really lucky, to nick one of his digestive biscuits.

    Kit? I wouldn't have even dared bringing that subject up.
  13. You mean they don't?
    I always assumed that their pay packet was affected by how much kit was left on the shelves at months end.

    It is the only thing that explains the "I only have one left and you can't have it because someone might need it" attitude.

    I always thought that a file full of 1033s would be easier to count than a shelf full of widgets?
  14. I feel really cliché saying this...but you must remember stores are for storing things.
  15. Baron Jim Shortt was a storeman.............................'nuff said!