Stores are just for storing!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StevieW, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Storing, yep sure are.

    I have tried to instill this in the minds of the storeman where I work now. Mainly so I know I can get what I want when I need it rather than some other bugger beating me to it.

    I use to have to sew the holes up in my combats all the time. Storemen are cnuts.
  2. You're obviously in a shite unit.
  3. And what about the rule saying you can only exchange one set of 95's at a time? means i have to get a chit one week for one set then another the next for another set. just as well the CQMS is my neighbour.
  4. haven't you learned to rip the knee or ass in trousers?
  5. Sounds like a charging offence.

    I had a pair for "best" a pair for "working" and a pair for exercise wfaer thin and held together by stitching (Mine).
  6. Had a QMS with that mentality in Whitfield Bks in Kowloon in 1964.
    Would actually take the store keys home with him at night.
    Had an early morning unit call out so Sgt Major axed his way in and said help youselves lads. Brilliant.

  7. And did you have a major called Major Major?

    What's the army coming to when blokes expect to get stores from stores?
  8. The stores at my place are ace, always plenty on the shelves! Well the clothing store is.

    The TQs now that is a different matter!! :evil:
  9. That why the RAF changed their "stores" to "supply". You go to theirs and there is nothing on the shelves cos they dish it out to the bods straight away.
  10. Of course stores are for storing! If they were for issuing they'd be called issues! I dunno.. some people just want the moon on a stick... :D
  11. "Stores? STORES!!??

    Are they bollix! Theyre mine and theyre staying on that shelf. :x "

    Get it all the time. Easy to inflict suffering in return though... well for me it is..

    Check UIN,
    Check Date,
    Make up Demand Number,
    Order excessive quantities of various items of kit, add storeman's name to special instructions along with the CO's phone number as point of contact and fire over Oliver.

    That usually causes 'em enough problems to deal with.. :twisted: :twisted:
  12. Sounds like your Colour Boy needs a kick up the arrse, stores are for storing kit not currently in use, if the lads want it they can have it. It's what 1033's are for (and 1954's).