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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Glorious Groundie, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Quick rant....

    Does anyone else find it annoying when there is a particular piece of equipment which can be issued and would be very handy for course/exercises but the QM says 'your not entitled to it?'

    I totally support all kit going to those on ops and training for ops first, but there must be a surplus of kit from certain non frontline/in of the wire guys cause of the amount appearing on ebay!

    main 3 things i'm after are:
    1 MTP daysack
    2 MTP grab bag
    3 Hippo pad

    And no i dont want them just because they are mtp (all though will help with new kit coming in) and dont want to fork out a fortune on ebay for issued kit!

    Rant over
  2. also does any one know if the daysack/grab bag are ops issue only? or will come issued with the new kit
  3. You aren't on ops. You don't get it. That's why your QM is giving you the go away tablet.
  4. The man bag is no use to those not on the ground but we all got issued with it so for me I'll just put my butties and pop in it to torment "the man".
  5. agree with what your saying in theory but there is enough in the system because people are selling it on ebay!
  6. In all fairness mate i'm going very soon and were not getting all the kit because there isn't enough within the system, i gave my bag and day sack to one of my blokes becasue there wasn't one for him.
  7. and i totally support kit going to those on ops or about to go on ops

    it just annoys me that there are items through the system, and not just mtp for herrick but other general equipment, that makes life easier but you cant get it through the sytem, yet someone is selling it on ebay.
    i mean i would happily pay for the cost of it through the qms as its cheaper then getting ripped off on ebay or buying sub standard kit
  8. There is enough in the system to issue to those people who are deploying on ops. Somemof those may choose to sell it because they don't need/want it or they have finished their deployment. The MTP kit is getting rolled out across the forces so just wait like everyone else or get on a tour.

    As for compasses, watches and the like then I agree with the ridiculous attitude of storing for the sake of it.
  9. In theory. It's very probably a production overrun. MOD won't buy more than it needs so supplier needs to flog on EBay. If you aren't on ops you don't need it. Emphasis on 'need'.
  10. i'm not saying i need it, just that it would make my life easier on courses/ex's, and would like to do it with kit that is available thru the system.

    And just cause i havent been to afghan in the last 2 years or will probably not go for the next 2 doesnt mean i'm not doing other, (and at time just as) important work within the army/ops world.
    plus i still have career courses, as well as assisting with instructing, MATTS and exercises. and yes i know other people are in a similar postion as me too
  11. Lets be honest here, very little military kit that gets flogged on Ebay is a production overrun unless it a major seller.

    Although you're right about needing it even if there was a ton of it in the QMs if you don't need it then why should the MOD give it out, its supposed to be saving money.
  12. "The Man" gets the vapours from my natty hybrid cam number that's for sure. Unlucky big man, issue tissue doncha know...
  13. Maybe theres so many mtp daysacks because people have bought there own and would prefer to use them etc. But they are still issued one.
  14. Have I understood you right there. People are selling issued kit because "they don't need/want it "?

    Is this stuff a one time only/no need to give it back issue then?
  15. For tour you get a full issue and at least in the RN/RM world it is one time issue. Next time you go you get another full issue. With a few exceptions helmet, body armour etc.