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Discussion in 'RLC' started by ECTO1, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. Currently having an argument with our stores chain about writing 1043`s for C class items, i am adament that it is not neccesary,
    could someone point me in the direction of the document which refers to which classification of equipment requires what paper work when its u/s
  2. You could try JSP 886 Vol 4 Part 1 Section 3 Annex A
    which states:

    Consumable (C)

    An item of materiel that is consumed or used to destruction, or which is otherwise regarded as consumed on issue.

    a. No repair policy is required.

    b. There is no requirement for the item to be assessed by an authorised conditioner when unserviceable.

    c. When the item is issued for use, no further accounting action is necessary, other than that required locally for management control.

    or JSP 886 Vol 4 Part 201 Para 16 b which states:

    b. Code C items, including expendable stores, are a managerial responsibility, and are not subject to formal accounting at unit level.

    Hope these help or you could trawl through the delights of JSP 886!

  3. I can never remember having to produce a 1043 for a roll of bodge tape!!!