I am currently a single homeowner and have now been assigned overseas. My plan is to place my furnishings into storage and let my property for the period i'm away. However, my RAO has stated that if I place my belongings into storage, I will not be allowed to let my property! As this would be seen as making a profit from my property whilst the public purse pays for my storage - I have read JSP 752 and 800 and there is nothing that stipulates this - grateful if anyone can offer any clarification on this.


Not being funny, but if you have read the JSP I'd suggest your next action should be to ask your RAO what reference (s)he is using.
Silly man! The reference he's/she's using is the "it's my money book".
Every RAO is simply using their "interpretation" of the rule book just like the mad mullahs and the Koran some say it's peaceful others say kill the infidels. Even if you prove them wrong they won't admit it mate.
News to me!! Although you would get more rent if you rented it out furnished also claim more against tax!

Smile, say "yes sir", then do what you like, but send an email stating what you are doing to someone in your CoC to cover your arse in case it backfires.

It's your house so do what you like with it.
From experience many years ago when I rented out my house when serving.

Remove all your decent stuff and put in store, wrap and pack your furniture yourself against damp/damage etc.

Chose very carefully who you use, and where you store your furniture.

It used to be for claims etc to get 3 quotes for the removals to store, and don't forget to get 3 quotes to get it back out again.

If you have to leave your house furnished, put in cheap IKEA stuff or items from a charity shop. You will end up binning it once your return back to your house.

Remember the Letting Agent is working for you. If you have to remind them of this, change Letting Agent.

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