Storage near Catterick

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jimmy1880, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Odd question here fellas,

    Is there anywhere near catterick garrison I could store my Car?

    I'm supposed to start basic in september and you're not allowed to park in the camp. I'm living with my girlfriend at the mo and have a sneaky suspicion that things are going to go pear shaped. I don't want my stuff to get chucked out and burned!

    I've checked the net and can't find anything but maybe someone here knows somewhere I can store my motor for a few months???
  2. My garage
  3. how much per week?

    I cant afford much but I give good head!!
  4. Free if you do my garden and move Toppers Car.
  5. Agreed I love to mow lawns and will happily move toppers car.

    Seriously though is it likely to find anywhere to store my car?
  6. How stupid are you?

    You can leave it here in Richmond.
  7. Sell it. Whats your car?
  8. dont do it she's a serial killer who targets new recruits
  9. VOLVO V40 I'm a sad old git really
  10. Thats a random first post, sure your not a psycho killer *fa fa fa faaa faaa fa fa fa fa faaa faaa*

    Thats a decent car mate, i drive a Rover Metro ffs.

    But really why dont you just sell it and get back tax an insurance? An you save on storage.
  11. The thing is it ain't just the car I got "Stuff" too! Clothes, Computer, loads of tools etc.
  12. Right. Look out for a Volvo V40 parked up in Richmond. It's chocka with tools and IT stuff. Just watch out for the alcoholic nympho psychopath.....

    Why didn't you just say "Thanks" when the offer was first made?

    You'll come to terms with PERSEC eventually, I suppose.
  13. Just sell it all, trust me, theres nothing more liberating than having all your worldly possessions on your back and a decent wedge in the bank.
  14. Leave it in the field with the tank signs, should be safe there.
  15. mate i sold my car last week. i also have a feeling my relationship is going to go tits up. maybe we should join a support group?