Storage charges for deployed personnel?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by siggie47, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. I have heard from a friend deploying on Op Herrick7B that whilst he was told that he would be reimbursed for storing his Civvy belongings while was away in Afghan the pay bods at Chillwell told him to take a hike. Can this be right, I know they will screw us at every turn but this is putting the boot in!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    What's wrong with his house?

  3. Sounds a load of b*llocks to me. Why would they pay for that? Could I put a claim in for my car to be in the nearest NCP for 6 months?
  4. He is a young chap who was in temporary Hospital Accommodation.
  5. Depending on his location(but if you're in devon possibly it's a tad far), there is a very nice chap in Irvine, Ayrshire who is ex-forces and gives discount to anyone having to use storage whilst away. An acquaintance put their car in last year, rather than leaving it to get cold and damp,whilst away.As soon as the guy knew of the destination discount was offered, without being asked for. Don't know the name off-hand but if anyone from that area wants to know I'm sure I can find out.
  6. Daft question, but why is someone living in a hospital deploying on operations?

    Putting that aside, I still don't see why they would pay for accomodating personal belongings. My personal belongings were stored in my house - and they aren't going to pay my mortgage for me are they?

    Help where help is due - but I think that's taking it a bit too far don't you think?
  7. Trainee nurse is the only answer I can think of .
    Got to agree with taking it a bit far. It's not as if storage costs are that extreme.
  9. If he/she has a decent QM/RQMS then maybe if cost is a problem they can help out :?
  10. Surely the CQMS of the unit could keep a few MFO boxes in his store? Can't see what the problem is as long as the required paperwork is filled out.
  11. Regular soldiers renting out privately will continue to pay their rent whilst deployed - or move out! If they have to move out they will either have to speak nicely to their SQMS/CQMS or sort it out themselves.

    I realise a large percentage of the AMS is TA, but it is no different for anybody of a different trade/cap badge, who happens to be in private rented accomodation.

    I don't feel it is The Army's responsibility to store your civvy belongings in a civvy storage facility.
  12. According my my local SO2 SPS, mobilised TA have a case for reclaiming most additional expenditure incurred as a result of mobilisation.

    So, storage costs for your personal effects MIGHT qualify, if you lived in employment tied accommodation and the storage costs exceeded your normal rent. Going for private storage over MFO stores would be acceptable, as private storage actually offer a proper, insured service, the CQMS cannot do that. The same might apply to storing your car, kennelling a pet etc. Rent will not qualify, as that is not an additional cost related to being mobilised.
  13. Many thanks! His Unit are now going to pay for the private storage.
  14. The MoD will pay for kennelling if for example your pet came to work with you.
  15. i don't know, perhpas you'd alike to ask my Nursing, Physio , OT and Doctor colleagues who have spent time living in in the past 5 years ...

    a lot of Docs if they have come to a job from out of region live in for at least a few months