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Stop Smoking Or

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Day One: 9.30am ish... have usually had at least three ciggies by now and feeling the pull.

Have you ever stopped and what advice have you got for me?

See poll.
stick with it. It only takes 3 days to quit. If you can, take three days off work and lock yourself in the house with daytime TV/xbox 360, it'll work and the cravings get less.
fcuk the sly one youll be back to square one. i went all last week without having one, then at the weekend oh one wont do any harm...back on the wagon so to speak.
As JDL said....patches seem the best bet.

See the doc and he will put you onto the right people.

Starting with 21mg patches for a couple of weeks.
Then reduced to 14mg.
And finally 7mg.

Then Sir,you are on your own.

Good Luck.


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It's dead easy to stop. I've done it loads of times!


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Tips for quitting:

Think how much money you are saving. A mate of mine is thinking of quitting and his ball and chain has been told to quit by the docs. By the time he goes on holiday last week in august he will have paid for it with the money saved on fags.

Think how much less money you are giving to that bastard broon in tax.

The Jeremy Clarkeson method. By a supercar. Drive it on a track every week. You will never want to smoke again. This also has the benefit that with the right car you will never be able to afford to smoke again even if you are Bill Gates.

Eat fancy restraunt food more often. You will be able to taste it after 4-5 days.

Transfer your craving into something else. Could be sport, could be beer, maybe buy a motor bike and have a mid-life crisis at the same time.

Probably the best one though. Take up a disciplined martial art (possibly with your lad if he lives local). The focus and training will mean that for at least a couple of hours every time you train you won't even want to smoke.
I am into my 11 month of not smoking, I went cold turkey and stuck with it, however there are times even now that I think I will just nip out for a fag, stick with it and the cravings do go away. Oh Mrs Wingman didn't speak to me for the first two weeks as she got growled at.

I stopped smoking lots of times, the longest was for a year, started when I was 13 y/o.
Then I sat and read 'Allan Carrs easy way to stop smoking' in a bar.
I started reading it at 1200 and finished it at 1600. Not smoked or had any sort of craving since.........15 years ago!
Only thing is you REALLY have to want to stop, I have recomended this to a few people, and it worked for them.The one's that said "I can't be bothered to read it" did not really want to stop.
Good luck
why did you post this in the naafi rather than health and fitness?
Like the man said - sew yer mouth up yer cnut - can't smoke then :wink:

I see mr deputy' read it too
Nicotine gum.

I stopped smoking oohh hundreds of times over the years and tried all the positive thinking/saving money/food tastes better/money/kissing etc etc type thinking and it took a max of 2 days before I had my next fag.

Started on the high test nicotine gum (new flavour) last Feb, chewed the stuff for about 1 month and haven't smoked since.

Had very few withdrawal symptoms and wish I had done it years ago.

So I recommend the new flavour nicorette gum.

Wonder if I can get an endorsment fee from the makers?

Good luck
Mr_Farenheit said:
12volts said:
Do what I did.
From 30 a day to nothing instantly. Have a stroke and spend 6 months in hospital.
This approach worked for my dad as well!
An approach well worth avoiding - 1030hrs... off for a ride on push-bike. Might get arrested for running over those silly cnuts who think the pavement is for walking on.
And mine!!
I went cold turkey last new years eve. According to my old girl I was a right grumpy barsteward, swearing at the telly, telling her she stinks of smoke ( she still smokes but I make her go outside, rain or shine)road rage to the nth degree, I just thought I was being normal.
As far as I can see the only pitfall is my weight,I banged on half a stone, straight to my gut and despite running six mile a day i just cannot get rid of it.
The upside of stopping ..... I have become a right sanctimoious..sact...sanctimun..smug git, i dont smell (of smoke anyway)I feel great, I can taste food, my resting heart rate has decreased, dont have to worry about having enough pockets for mobile, wallet then fags and lighter and what is even better is the fact you can go for a pint and not have to be surrounded by smokers which has always been my downfall.
Told you I was a smug git!!
Cold turkey - the only way; I did it after smoking for 35 years. Everything else is just substitution. Oh, and my wee boy, not quite 6 at the time, drew a picture of me for Father's day nearly 2years ago and there was something odd about it. When asked "What's this sticking out of my pocket?" He said "Your lighter." I'd never smoked in front of him or anywhere near him....

If you go for patches/gums etc; it's all substitution.

Cravings don't go away, you just need to control the urge to give a good shoeing by some other means....
Nicorette gum is working for me.

I still have the odd smoke at the weekend if I am having a few drinks; its one of lifes little pleasures after all, why deny your body, the odd smoke wont break the bank and it wont kill you!
Willpower. Otherwise you'll always feel less of a man for using a crutch to quit. You will then lose all self esteem and kill yourself. :D

Seriously whatever works for you. And don't hang around someone with a ciggie until the smell repels you - and it will!
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