Stopping smoking effect on fitness?

Been smoking 20 a day for about 4 years and decided to quit. Been 5 days since last fag :) . Main reason for stopping is because i'm trying to smash out the fitness but unsure of how much of an effect it will actually have. Answers on google tend to be more on health benefits rather than fitness related. Can anybody help with what sort of benefits i should expect and in what sort of time?
Lung capacity will improve the longer you don't smoke, so it means better oxygenation for your blood. However the nicotine is an appetite suppressant so on the flip side for fitness, you will have a bigger appetite.


Better oxygenation means more oxygenation for your muscles, which means they will perform better, so in theory it will increase the longer you don't smoke.
I smoked from 16-30 including morning gags prior to the bottom field while lesser nods puked and shat their nerves away in the grots.

How fit were you before you smoked.

Giving up smoking is like a ******* two month cold where you produce interesting shit from your wind bags.

Afterwards you feel no different physical wise. But your clothes smell better after a night ashore
You'll take a dip in aerobic capacity initially but providing you exercise you'll overcome it quickly enough. One or two useful comments above but the weight gain can be avoided with careful choices and an increase in exercise (I replaced the hunger desire with phys). You absolutely will feel the benefit, I smoked approx 20 a day up until 37 and am now (at 44) cracking out sub 08:30 for the 1.5 mile as well as a lots of other decent phys outputs that I could not achieve if I still smoked. You'll also save a fortune. Keep it up you'll be far better-off on runs and tabbing and your recovery will improve dramatically. Good luck.


Stopped for some time now - I can concur that run times will surprisingly increase. I don't eat any more than I did before - if anything I eat less because I'm so aware of the extra stone I seem to have gained over the last year or two and have been unable to shift regardless of how hard I train or how careful I diet. I'm also in my late 30's now too, so after CO's PT, I invariably ache and sweat like a five quid hooker for a good half hour afterwards.

I used to be a 8:15 BFT bloke (best ever 7:52) and that was while I smoked, but now I'm lucky to manage 9:30 on a good day. On a separate note it never ceases to attract nods of disappointment when a gaggle of you have crossed that finish line, only to see your young 19-20 year old non-smoking soldiers huffing and puffing the arrses across the line in around 10:30 - one wonders what they will be like when they hit their thirties and their pecks have turned to moobs?

And then on the flipside you get your 40 yrs + guys that can still get under 9 mins and you wonder "how - exactly?"

Genetics? Who knows - all I know is that it gets much harder to keep fit later on in life - and that I'd rather have a slight muffin-top overhanging my belt than stink like an ash tray and wake up feeling like I've been rubbing my throat with a cheese grater.

Finally - good effort on quitting the cigs - stay with it, and remember those first days are far too much hard work to be undone by a silly moment on the lash / holiday when you get tempted to spark up.


There a loads of benefits to be had from giving up smoking

1. As already pointed out - you will stop stinkin' like marlborough man's favourite ashtray

Better still though................... the economics of it

2. Just think of all the money you suddenly have to spend on ruby murray al a vindaloo and wife beater

Give up the evil weed - you know it makes sense and everyone knows it's much healthier to be an alcohol soaked fat knacker than even a moderate smoker.

Hope this helps
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