Stopping smoking and burning lungs

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Wedgy, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick one really to all you medical bods.

    Six weeks ago I quit smoking using nicotine gum and so far so good even if it is hard work, I was fine until about two weeks ago, now whenever I do any exercise my lungs are hanging out.

    I'm not pushing any harder or running any faster but it feels like my lungs have never exercised before and I'm trashing them in cold air!

    Why is this? I thought that quiting smoking would help my lungs and fitness not make them feel worse!
  2. I always thought that it took a few months before you feel the effects of quiting. Its probably something you have to work through just remember the crap which you have been sucking in is all over you lungs. Could be a idea just to pop in the doc's to ask.

    But good luck with quitting at least there wont be any cold wet smoking outside after July 1st for you.
  3. No idea about the burning lungs but well done for quitting. Just dont start again FFS!

  4. Its because of all the crap thats built up over time. I felt rough as hell for quite a while and went down with loads of colds but dont give up. Its been 18 months now for me and I feel great!
  5. I had the same thing wedgy, but not as bad. I was told its due to the lungs ridding themselves of the nicotine and carbon monoxcide.

    And now your not on the tabs, the lungs are not surpressed and in turn when you exercise your pushing all the rubbish out you have inhaled, working them harder then normal. I was told it was a process.

    Thats what my GP said to me anyway.

    But like Hypno said, keep an eye on it.
  6. Yes, when i quit smoking i was coughing up greenies all the time, coughing and splattering when ever i ran and i generally felt like sh*t, its all part of the withdrawal and healing process. You will feel better soon enough.
    I think back to when i smoked and somtimes i was out of breath just sitting and watching TV, it scares me that i allowed myself to get into that sort of shape, (smoking wasn't soley to blame but it was a dominant factor).
  7. well done mate i gave about a year ago and now feel fitter than ever its all part of the process.just stick with it
  8. Seconded and there is a chance of chest infections, but it beats the shit out of lung cancer.
  9. thirded, well done fella, i gave up 7 months ago, i gfeel much better, blood pressure lower, i feel much fitter and at a recent medical i blew 780 on the blow test, so stick with it, you will feel the benefits soon!!
  10. hang in there mate! The sickness is part of the giving up. I've given up twice for a year and then restarted. Giving up this week again (hopefully for good). stay with it, its worth it
  11. I felt like sh1t after giving up and was bringing up all sorts of gunk when running for a good few months but after four years the benifits are clear as an old git (40)i used to use my full time on the BPFA/PFT but am always within the 10:30 bracket. Good luck and keep it up
  12. I stopped smoking a couple of weeks ago using one of those inhalators, I highly recommend them. I went for a run the other day and coughed up what looked like engine oil covered in snot so god knows what might have happened if I had carried on smoking.
  13. Well done for quitting, I imagine it's similar to.. destroying your lungs through other means ;) Maybe this is what it's like to have athsma? :p