Stopping Senior Entries as of Feb 2011?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sk8inmadkid, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. My mate Ryan who's applying for the Para's at Crawley ACIO, has been informed by his recruiter that as of Feb 2011, they're stopping Senior Entry intakes for the British Army? Its not just him now, a few of my mates have been told that by their recruiters, If the recruiters are saying it, there must be a percentage of truth there? Has anyone else heard of this or know the low-down on whats going on!?

  2. I'm at Crawley and they ain't said jack to me, but then again I have my date.
  3. All the more reason not to DAOR this year then
  4. What age is considered senior entry? I am 27 and am about to do pre selection, is this something that would affect me?
  5. Senior entry is between 17 and 33. Junior entry is Harrogate and Winchester etc. Catterick is the main Senior Entry training establishment (well, for infantry anyway)

    But yes, you'd be affected if this is true, It may just be a rumour though!
  6. I can't see this being true, I'd imagine the army will continue to recruit. Then again, with less people getting out and more getting in it's inevitable that eventually there will be NO room left. Only the AFCO's are in the know and they probably aren't even sure yet, I imagine it's a matter of waiting and seeing where it goes as the information is passed down the chain of command.
  7. Not true, unless they have a crystal ball in Crawley and they have been told something I haven't.
  8. Surely they'd have a running crisis for not recruiting (say for 3 years) because all the lance jacks would get a promotion, but they couldn't promote the privates or they'd have none left (because they're not recruiting) so Lance Corporals would become extinct. If they wanted fewer people wouldn't they just stop advertising or something so that fewer people signed up? Or just make their office hard to find.