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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by burtonshaw, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. hey, my friend has been given a posting, he was told by the RCMO that it had been cancelled, and on 02/06/08 he was told that he was to be posted on 09/06/08.

    is there anything that he could do to stop this posting??

    for info, he is engaged, and the posting will dramatically impact on his relationship.
  2. If you post a pic of his intended, and her phone number, we will impact on his relationship while he's away.

    Will that help?
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Better help him pack.
  4. Why do you think singlies marry the 1st fat munter they meet?!?! To get out of the block and be treated a bit more like an adult.
  5. I am afraid-
    If you have got an issue, here's a tissue. As you may or not be aware the needs of the services come first.
    As a friend of him/her I would organise their leaving drinks.
  6. Are you suggesting that Manning and records admin is shiite? shurely not!

    I was in a trench on salisbury plain when I was told I was late for my new unit and was incorrectly dressed as I had been promoted upon posting.

    Actually thats a lie.

    I was rag and oil so I was in a 4 tonner box body making toast on the kero heater when the CSM came to tell me.

    He was particularly impressed by the slippers I was wearing at the time...... :oops:
  7. isnt it a POSTING ORDER rather than a POSTING REQUEST?

    if a posting is going to dramatically impact on the relationship how the hell is it going to survive predeployment training, 6 month operational tours, exercises etc.... ?

    This man(boy) is obviously cnut struck, tell him it'll wear off and to get a grip, he's in the Army, he goes where he's told.

    Also, today is the 3rd, if he hasnt sent his MFO yet then he'll be living out of his pink suitcase for ages and he should pack clothes rather than teddies.
  8. Have you ever thought about doing a Counseling course, your a natural....
  9. Filbert Fox- Seconded
  10. I used to do that in the back of my 432! 8)
  11. Filbert Fox, Is this 'arrogance of rank' or a case of 'abused becomes abuser' that makes you think this is acceptable?

    MCM Div does things like this because they sometimes forget there is a soldier on the receiving end of their 'quick fix' solutions. The system relies on the Chain of Comd to look after their soldiers.
  12. did the big bad nasty man say something that made you want to cry?
    get a life, if youre that easily offended then I suggest that you may find the banter in the army very upsetting and that maybe you shouldnt use this site.

    'hello MCM Div, I'm Pte Pathetic, I'm all loved up with a local bird at my current posting please dont post me away from her'

    if its love then itll last, if its not then it wont.
  13. I don't mean to cramp your style here big-man, your comic-genius-banter:
    ... is wonderfully original and had me sh1tting myself with laughter.

    I understand that this site is an opportunity to release some things you wish you could say at work, vent frustrations, air opinions etc. I'm sure you spend all day at work looking after your soldiers and it was merely your on-line-alter-ego: "big bad nasty man" demonstrating to the lad that started this thread that he just needs a sense of humour not serious advice.

    All I'm asking is: do you really believe the stuff you are spouting?
  14. Non Grad, I could smell the bullshit coming from that first post a mile away, and I suspect all the other posters including Filbert Fox could too. Hence the unsympathetic responses.
  15. MCM Div

    Binding Principle

    The needs of the Army must come first; those of officers, soldiers and their families come a close second. But to be worthy of its pre-eminence the Army must be seen to give due consideration the best interests and preferences of each individual officer and soldier.

    Doesnt mention local trouts/girlfriends at all!

    I dont know how many times I've called in favours and jumped through hoops to try and get a soldiers posting changed due to him/her being love struck only to have their relationship go tits up a couple of weeks later because he's had enough of her or she's pulled a train for the lads one night when he's been on duty.

    I managed to get a girl deployed to Kosovo for 6 weeks only 2 months after she'd returned from a 3 month tour because she was loved up with a septic she'd met, 2 days before the deployment he sent her a 'cheers for the shags but I'm married and I dont want to hear from you again' letter, she was then on the phone to MCM Div accusing me of picking on her by deploying her so soon after her previous deployment and threatened to get a solicitor involved. Luckily there were witnesses to her begging me to go back out again and I'd put her reasons for requesting the deployment in a letter to MCM Div when trying to sort it out.
    She went of course.

    So forgive me for rolling my eyes somewhat when some soldier wants a posting changed because of a 'relationship' with an insignificant other half that more than likely wont see Christmas.