stopping paying accom when married unaccomp

Recently married to a teacher and i will remain unaccompanied. couple of pals claim you stop paying accomodation in SLA as your partner has 'Key Skills' employment elsewhere. any truth ? ive never heard of it before?
Your spouse is NOT a civil servant so yuor MS wil not change.

However you are entitled to not paying for accom charges.

You HR admin will be able to advise no bother.
I think it kicks in when married unaccompanied and over the age of 35 (will ask a mate of mine!).
over 37 package - no accom

married unaccomp - dependant on location - you pay accom receive lsa level 1.

If your spouse is a service teacher ie army school then she is a civil servant, you would go to 1C if she is, else you go to pstat 1
If you are below the age of 37 you will pay full accom rates, and you will be entitled to either LSA Level 1(If your spouse is in a different theatre) or GYH(ST) if you are in the same theatre.

If you are over 37 you can go onto the Over 37 package and you dont pay Accom. and still get one of the the above.

Hope this helps. :)

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