Stopp attacking you're own people!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Not what they are, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Im fed up with you lot being treated like heroes when the most of you are actually not. A couple a months go i was attacked for absolutely no reason by a soldier for no reason at all. After he had bragged about killing afghans. I suffered a fractured skull, left unconsious and i have had problems since. When i was in hospital the person next to me had, had his jaw broken. He told me that he spilt a drink over a girls dress and said sorry before he was attacked by a soldier. And there are many more stories like this. Most of you are not heroes but thugs that actually enjoy fighting
  2. You probably deserved it.
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  3. thigs?
  4. did the guy tell you he was a Soljer ??
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  5. Deserved it are you joking? I was punched in the back of the head as i was walking away from him
  6. That Melton Mowbray pie was a disappointment my own butcher does better.
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  7. Bollocks, most squaddies can be right antsi twats sometimes..

  8. jarrod dont drool at the beginning
  9. Cig then bed I reckon.
  10. and ... ? if anyone squared up to me, who cares about "they are on the floor" Fuck em if some is a threat , stop them being one !!!!!
  11. I personally think soldiers are the biggest problem on our town centres at night. Things like what happened to me happens all over the country
  12. That's dreadful he wasted an opportunity to rearrange your nose.
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  13. Evidence? You're a big fibber
  14. I would have but iw was usual thing. 2 on 6 in his favour
  15. Oh god !! the commando's thought he was in a dress and shagged him, didnt they !