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I'm hoping to go to New Zealand in December for a few weeks on holidays but am looking at breaking up the trip. I was thinking of doing 2 days in Hong Kong on the way back but am stumped for ideas for a stopover on the way there. I've been to Dubai, Bangkok and Mumbai before but I haven't been to Singapore or Hong Kong . Has anyone got any suggestions/tips for a stopover on the way there and tips for what to do in Hong Kong on the way back :?

Obviously, I have been fully briefed on Orchard Towers if I do go to Singapore but has anyone got decent ideas for a singly?
If you do go to Singapore, and I would recommend it, the night safari at the zoo is an absolute must.

Singapore can easily be written off as just a bit shopping centre but there is more to it than that - not least the WW2 sights.

Also you'll never go anywhere cleaner or safer!
the_matelot said:
Obviously, I have been fully briefed on Orchard Towers if I do go to Singapore but has anyone got decent ideas for a singly?
But will you be lured into Crazy Horse? :D

Seriously, if you do go to Singas and you've not been before, here's a few things I'd recommend…

For decently priced drinks and places where you can yabber to anyone at the bar without looking like a lunatic, go to:

1NiteStand at Clarke Quay – comedy and sports bar.
The Penny Black at Boat Quay – a normal pub.
Muddy Murphy’s at Tanglin (just over the road from Four Floors of Whores) - Irish bar.

There are some chilled bars in Emerald Hill, just north off Orchard Road when you’re heading from Tanglin to Stanford, but they’re not the sort of bars to randomly rock up to – people tend to go with groups of mates.

Food is a big thing in Singas, so if you can, head to Newton hawker centre – all of the cabbies know where it is – it really does do the best food on the island and you have to try the ginger tea in a bag! 8O :D Point to note, don't eat from any stall (or any restaurant for that matter) that has less than a 'B' rating – all food places have to display their health and hygiene rating in an obvious place.

If you’re around on a Sunday, try the champagne brunch at The Fullerton hotel. It’s divine and the perfect way to spend Sunday till noon, when you can then retire to another drinking establishment to set you up perfectly for a hung-over Monday!

When I lived out there I spent a great deal of time at Chijmes, which has a huge selection of bars and restaurants, and I’d always recommend a visit or two to Raffles Hotel – it’s gorgeous and again has some great bars and restaurants. If you feel like being a real tourist, a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar is a must! :D

DON’T go to Little India, unless you’ve lost your sense of smell, though China Town is worth a wander around.

As for sights to see, as wild_moose says, you have to do the Night Safari at the zoo, including making sure you see one of the shows – it’s magical! Check out the tourist information site for a steer on what you might like to see – again the WWII places are all well worth a visit.

If you fancy a wander in the rainforest, head up to McRitchie Reservoir and if you’ve a head for heights go on the sky-bridge. Make sure you take plenty of water though – it gets bleddy hot – and watch out for the monkeys! 8O

Seriously, I had a great time there for a couple of years and if you PM lancslad, I’ve no doubt he’d be happy to hook up for beers.

If you go to Honkers, make sure you go for a good wander around Wan Chai and visit the bars in Lan Kwai Fong. I’ve not lived there, so only know a few things from visiting, but I’d recommend that you take the funicular railway up to the top of the the mount and take a ferry trip from Kowloon back to Hong Kong island after dark and watch the light show.
Cheers Wild & Dozy for the comments here and on MSN. I've booked my trip now and am having a 1 night stopover in Hong Kong on the way there (staying in Kowloon down by the water looking over at Hong Kong Island) and have a 3 night stopover in Singapore on the way back (staying in Chinatown). I'm spending about 18 days in New Zealand on a Contiki trip (this one in fact ) with a couple of days in Auckland beforehand and 1 day in Christchurch afterwards.

One of the matelots I work with is half Singaporean and has recommended some places for me to go-my only concern is that I'll struggle to squeeze everything in due to time constraints. Obviously, the Night Safari and Four Floors is top of my list of things to do followed by a few drinks in Raffles :D .
Any Arrsers currently in Hong Kong? I'm there Mon/Tues! I'm still a bit clueless what to do other than go up that tram thingy and take the star ferry harbour tour during the light show. Oh and Mak's Noodles.
Don't go up the tram thingy - walk up the hill instead. Go to the waterfront at night; they have a bizarre light and sound show that uses the taller skyscrapers - it is the cheesiest thing I have ever seen but is worth it for the surrealism and electric keyboard. The islands nearby are worth the trip - especially to see the 'Big Buddha'. If you are of a weak-humoured mind, then there is a good indian restaurant, called The Gaylord, in the Ashley Centre. Aside from that, it's interesting as a study in how far too many people can live in one place.

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