Stop treating voters like robots, Lord O'Donnell warns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yokel, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Stop treating voters like robots, Lord O'Donnell warns - Telegraph

  2. If voters stopped acting like robots (at elections) then perhaps we would have a government composed of real people who wouldn't need a team to understand society.
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  3. Before being allowed to enter the polling booth, every voter should have to list the at least 5 core policies of the party and also 5 promises for their chosen candidate.

    I bet 80% of the population would not have a clue regarding who or what they are voting for.
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  4. Well, the choice seems to be between them treating voters like robots and treating them like morons. It's hard to tell which label the electorate has done more to deserve.
  5. Well tbf dave and his mates scrapped in against brown ffs most of there policys werent even on the ballot sheet.
    The nhs reorg (yes like any of these have been well thought out ever)
    (£9grand tution fees)
    The defence cuts sorry review?
  6. When will they become self aware and take over the world?
  7. Most voters in this country are like robots because they vote for the 3 idiot parties of liebour CONservatives and lib dums all the time.
  8. Possibly the ones who have a vague glimmer of what on earth is going on and are half way interested in what muppet is going to direct their life for the next four years!
    Most sadly are more aware of X Factor, and the Big Brother House, than what is being done on their behalf in Westminster.
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  9. Browns wonderful gaff in "Bigotsgate" is typical of most politicians views and knowledge of their electorate! I have said before that no one should be allowed to serve in Parliament until they have had at least ten years experience in working for a living. I dont mean being an aide to an MP or working for a political party but in the real world!!
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  10. What's the point of that?

    The vast majority of the candidates tell the electorate what they want to hear not what they'll actually do.
  11. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I count myself as pretty savvy politically but I would be hard pressed to define the 5 core policies of any political party because they probably dont have any at all which are clearly stated. Can you tell me if the Tories are in favour of staying in the EU or not? NHS policy? If you say that the present government is not killing off the NHS then I will tend to laugh at you. Or pity your naivety.

    It certainly would not matter one whit to a voter. If a voter has a strong opinion about a particular subject, be it trivial or important, and the politicians who want electing have said something that the person thinks is supportive of their view, then thats where the vote goes. Even if the reason is divisive. People who live on benefits as a career choice wouldnt vote for anything other than Labour.

    Manifestos are just so much toilet paper anyway as very many of the pledges are forgotten about, or evaded, or changed into something which did not resemble the pledge in the first place.

    Like it or not, and I certainly do not like it, is that at the last election, we had the most incompetent Prime Minister in the modern era. (Blair was not imcompetent, he was dishonest, which is far far worse) Cameron and Clegg were largely unknown in their potential and I for one wanted anything but that oaf Brown back in, so I voted Tory. Now Cameron has shown his true colours and is systematically (and in my opinion ineptly) screwing up the country, we will be faced with a horrible choice at the next genreral election. (Lib Dems arent really doing anything at all, and should be put down like an ailing horse, and sold to Tescos for burger meat) Ed Milliband is a credible choice only because the alternative is so bad, and not because he has any inner strength or super powers. He is an arse who plays the other part in that farce which has become PM Question time.

    Anyone who really thinks that David Milliband could be a good PM should realise that DM is more duplicitous than Mandelson, more self-serving than George Galloway, more dishonest than Blair and more arrogant than Baroness Warsi.
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  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    if I wanted to become a labour MP could that include signing on?
  13. Hmmm... I think the key word is in this snip of my post "had at least ten years experience in working for a living." If they had, through no fault of their own, been made redundant & claimed benefit whilst actively seeking other work, that could be a plus as it would show they understood the up & downs of life, not just the permanent sucking off the teat of Westminster or Brussells!
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  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    yes yes I know that but under labour the career of choice became being unemployed, after all who would know the benefit system, health services and police state failures than those on the who cant be arsed to work/on the sick or fiddle.
  15. Unfortunatly once you get past the three bad choices
    It ukip Foreigners quick get the rifle fun but not really civillised
    Greens vege burger anyone? (Unfortunatly no more competant than any over council in brighton).
    Respect oh look its george
    BNP we are not nazis honest
    And other wierder and stranger partys:(