stop the war let iran win

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. stwc the stop the war coalition have invited hezzbullah to there conference.
    so can we now shoot them as traitors :twisted:
  2. Link?

    More Info?

    Anything to respond to?
  3. Why, are we Lebanese?

    his conference will serve two main purposes, first to build links between the anti occupation movements in the Middle East and the anti war movements in the west. There will be a series of speakers from Iraq including union leader Hassan Juma and Jawad Al Khalisi from the Iraqi Foundation Congress, but also from Iran, Egypt and the Lebanon from where we are expecting representatives from Hezbollah and the Lebanese Communist Party.

  5. The conference showed the continuing breadth of the Coalition. Among the speakers from the platform were Annas Al Takriti from the British Muslim Iinitiative, the Guardian's Seumas Milne, Lawyer of the Year Phil Shiner, currently exposing British torture in Iraq, as well as Kate Hudson from CND, Lindsey German, George Solomou from Military Families against the War, Iraqi journalist Sami Ramidani, Campaign Iran's Somayeh Zadeh, and MP's George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn.

    What an illustrious group!
  6. Our "STW" group here had the same types except the Gov banned the Hezzie delegation, I do find it amusing that these lefty hippy groups cosy up to these guys, when in the World they want those same lefty's would be propping up walls and posing for rifle fire at the earliest oppertunity as un-islamic scum unworthy of living :roll:
  7. It is ironic, all I can think is that they must be so blinkered with their thinking that they miss it. Wood for the trees and all that.
  8. Is that the cowardly cnut from the London Irish who wouldn't deploy to Iraq?
  9. Slightly off-topic, but this was on their website:

    How did Che 'stop war' again? I thought he was more in the exporting war line of work...
  10. Do they have a delegation in Zim? Surely they would want to stop racism there too?
  11. end,Racism imperialism and war all on one t-shirt....thats a lot of work for poor Che
  12. McCarthy had the right idea...
  13. Racism only goes one way mate, only white people can be racist you know that 8O
  14. The British extreme left are dozy gits and downright nasty. They want free speach for anyone who agrees with them, turn a blind eye to atrocities commited by people who will support their dumb causes and seem to actually hate Britain. I wish they would just bugger off and live in one of those countries they consider to be so superior.

    Mind you with regard to Iraq, maybe we should just pull out if that is what the Iraqis want. Providing that is what they want.
  15. Ah Big CHe, The soldiers soldier. Freedom "Fighter".

    Ohhh Stop the war you say. We better recall them T Shirts.

    Fcuking Morons!