Stop The War - Disrupt the Army @ Colchester 15-07-2006

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Random_Task, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. I fully promote this action!

    This way the Army can use all its 'tools of war' live for public viewing, using the hippys as targets :twisted:.
  2. Is any one left in Colly?

    Do we have a huge number of vehicles?

    With all the bangs, aircrafts and bands will they be heared?

    Is the entraince fee going to SAFA?

    If so, then as many protesters as posible should come along and pay to enter.
  3. They will have to pay £5 entarnce fee for the privilage to demonstrate, or in their case they are all kids so they only have to cough up £3 out their pocket money!.
  4. I can just see a load of wives, whos husbands are currently out in Afghan, being put off from going by some hippy student telling her she should'nt support the event!
  5. Hmmmmm

    Do You think that these pro peace groups will be peaceful or will there will be a ruck????
  6. I now have visions of a load of long haired Jesus freaks wandering aimlessly around a grassy meadow. Every so often a loud thump can be heard as one of them steps on a mine, disappearing into a cloud of unwashed denim, fragments of hemp shirt and few dozen buttercups, dandelions and daisies. The rest of the hippies look up, almost startled from their drug induced reverie, only to return back to mumbling “yeah man” and grazing the green grass in a vain attempt to stave off the dreaded munchies.
  7. Hopefully it will be a non event but im sure Essex Constabulary will be there to prevent any public order offences taking place.
  8. I seem to recall in my fuddled memory that in my day a number of wives were quite forceful characters. They practised a deadly version of aikido which involved a handbag or stilletoe heeled shoe.

    I can forsee a quite glorious rumble as the rear party, whose husbands are serving in Iraq/Afghanistan lay into the protesters.

    Where can I buy a ticket ?
  9. It could get very interesting, there'll be lots of re-enactors there too, every aspiring walts dream "I fought alongside the paras at the battle of abbey field.."

    However, with 5th US Special Forces Group, 3rd Mobile Strike Force, 1966 I think you're in safe hands (courtesy of here)
  10. Bit of a logistical problem actually bringing some troops back from our two far flung campaigns to muck about in what used to be the Colchester Tattoo!
  11. 49 PARA might make an appearance!!
  12. Looks like they should do a simulated bayonet charge, just like in ye old days. Using the protesters as live backstops.

    Lots of blood, carnage, men squealing like girls and big, BIG blades. What more could a growing boy ask for?
  13. Well, seeing as they will be trying to ruin the Colchester show, I will be going to the Aldershot one instead :)
  14. It says on the link 'Calling all anti - war, anti - military, anti - swearing, student politico tw@ts' etc etc. It then goes on a 'Lets bring Our Boys home safely and support them etc etc' at the bottom. So they're inviting these anti - military groups (what is an anti - military group anyway? Fooking pacifists - grow up and remove your bead wearing head from your vegatable eating hippy arrse) to come and support the troops by disrupting this family day with noisy, peaceful protest. Half the people I met at uni where like this, and they're were only doing it to get into the posh birds who were into this kind of thing. Aint they ever heard of Rohypnol? Nobbers, all of em.