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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bogislandlives, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. Sorry to start this, but therapy costs to much! I realise in this PC world we live in we must all support the right of our fellow citizens to have their say, but................I f**king hate these tw*ts. There are a couple in particular that I have a real problem with and that is those traitors I saw on the national news on Saturday, dressed in DPM handing out leaflets on Hyde Park Corner. Come on lads, once upon a time you must have known you soldier for your mates, wherever we get sent we go together! Now you've shafted your mates and add insult to injury by wearing the Queen's uniform to make a point for your new slimy friends. Blokes have given their lives wearing the headress you now pollute with your actions. Would these new friends risk their life to save yours? I think not. You may not be judged in this life, but you will get it in the next. AND another thing if you've never been what gives you the right to talk for the rest of us? SHAME on you. :evil:
  2. saw a kn*bjockey walking across waterloo bridge today in full Combats with a bunch a leaflets in his hand, one of the scumbag protesters methinks?
  3. Some fkers just don't remember or take note of the oathe they took before joining up.
  4. Imagine the fun you could have on May 1st every year if you had a sangar somewhere above Trafalgar Square, a GPMG and a few thousand 7.62mm Link. All of the soap dodging tw*ts should be used as moving targets for the NIRT and OPTAG courses.

    And those tossers in uniform giving out stop the war leaflets should be strung up by the knackers and beaten to death slowly.
  5. Too much watching '4th of July' I think.
  6. Err - OK.... do you vote Ba'ath, by any chance? I think you may have been in the wrong uniform in March 2003....
  7. So you think that it's ok for people who took an oath to defend the Queen, carry out her orders (and the orders of the officers placed above them) to be in public in uniform handing out leaflets about how wrong the war is?

    And if you're happy to be paying taxes to keep the soap dodgers in dole money that's up to you, I think they should be used to something that will benefit the country.
  8. What do they hope to achieve? Surely their regt should drop on them like a tonne of sandbags?

    Maybe they should have the jacobs to stand in front of their ex-mates wearing the headress they are abusing and start sprouting their opinions, I'd have more respect then.

    It's been said before, but we serve to protect the freedom they enjoy, we don't serve to have choppers like this abuse the uniform we wear protecting them.
  9. Do you know they were Squaddies (or ex) for definite?
  10. I am undecided about this - whilst suporting our serving military I do not think Blair should have sent our troops to Iraq. I do, however, agree people should not go on civilian demos weaing combats. Why on earth is it left wingers started wearing army surplus stuff anyway? :?
  11. One of them was the Ex Mil yellow bellied muslim who wouldn't fight against his fellow muslims but is happy to leave his christian mates in the lurch.

    (PTP you know I'm right before you check :wink: )
  12. As PTP says, how difficult is it for someone to purchase CS95 etc, and pretend to be serving. Will the great unwashed, media etc be able to spot such a miscreant?
  13. Maybe someone recognised them
  14. Our friend Solomou was leading them. So no, nobody worthy of the title 'squaddie' was there.
  15. I read the Independent :( (among others I might add!!).

    It's leftie, sure, but it's not rabid like the Guardian, and is quite balanced when it comes to the Israel/Palestine conflict; no quite so the Iraq situation though, admittedly

    Some of the editorials are woefully biased though, although certainly no worse than fox news or the mail (on the other side of the coin to those two, of course).

    There's a shamelessly feminazi commentator who writes for the Independent (I forget her name) who makes my blood boil..

    Haha :D