Stop The War Campaign - Day of action threat.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 14, 2005.

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    What planet are these people on?

    Point 2.b. be advised and execute published SHARKWATCH.

    The rest of the page bears reading, as it appears STW has been infiltrated by the usual suspects.
  2. Why don't they systematically campaign around Downing Street and Labour Party constituency offices? A rhetorical question; the idiots are more interested in running down the military than holding the government to account. :evil:
  3. Last para says it all really:
  4. This shower has always been run by left wing nutters employed in the state sector (unemployable). Scum of the highest order and that bunch of cretins, familys against whatever
  5. They really have no idea do they....................its really quite sad

    This lot would try to ban breathing if they found out air had 'feelings'.
  6. Whether you agree with this lot or not, the more grief they can provide for the lovely Mr Bliar the better!

    Any news on how their conference went?

    I'm not a lefty - but I'm most definitely AGAINST the British involvement in Iraq. And let's not forget it was a 'lefty' PM who took us in unwittingly in to conflict.
  7. I've just gone back and read that page again, sparked by the PVR'd comment in the last post.

    There is absolutley NO criticism of Tony Blair on that page that I can see. The way it reads , the 'illegal occupation of Babylon' appears to be entirely an initative by British Armed Forces. In fact , the lack of crticism of Tony Blair was to my mind, so obvious, I thought I'd dig a bit.

    Domain Name:


    Administrative Contact's Address:
    SE16 2XE
    Relevant Dates:
    Registered on: 22-Sep-2001 :?: WTF?
    Renewal Date: 22-Sep-2005
    Last updated: 24-Sep-2003

    Interestingly, Rotherhithe Neue Arbeit action team is at SE16 6XB , less than 500 yards away. There are numerous examples of STW and LAbour party intertwining at the most cursory of glances.

    Is STW a deception?
  8. i think those 2 actions counts as treason, a member of the public must not attempt to persuade a soldier to abandon his post and his duty
  9. A bette bunch of revolutionary marxists you couldnt wish to burn! :roll:

    Where does "Gorgeous" George Galloway fit into this?

  10. If a member of my family decided to leaflet drop outside barracks Id disown them. :x

  11. The term you're looking for is "INCITEMENT TO DISAFFECTION ACT 1934" which states the following:-

    Section 1 :
    (1) If any person maliciously and advisedly endeavours to seduce any member of Her Majesty's forces from his dut y or allegiance to Her Majesty, he shall be guilty of an offence under this Act.
    Section 2 :
    (2) If any person, with intent to commit or to aid, abet, counsel or procure the commission of an offence under Section 1 of this Act, has in his passession or under his control any documents of such a nature that the dissemination of copies thereof among members of Her Majesty's forces would constitute such an offence he shall be guilty of an offence under this Act.
  12. Look on the bright side.

    There might be a repeat of the PJHQ topless demo. :twisted:

    On second thoughts, given the mis-shapes normally involved in this sort of thing, that is not good! :evil:
  13. These knobbers are going to a conference in Cario, surely our American cousins could do a semi friendly fire incident ?

    List of attendees:
    Tony Benn, president, Stop the War Coalition (UK)
    George Galloway MP
    Jeremy Corbyn MP
    Waldon Bello, winner of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize 2003
    Mamdouh Habashi, Cairo conference organizing committee, Egypt
    20th of March Movement for Change, Egypt
    Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt
    Egyptian Communist Party
    Karama Party, Egypt
    Organization of Revolutionary Socialists, Egypt
    Socialist People’s Party, Egypt
    Wasat Party, Egypt
    Alan Simpson MP, chair, Labour Against the War
    Anas Altikriti, Muslim Association of Britain
    Meena Menon, Focus on the Global South, India
    Lindsey German, convenor, Stop the War Coalition (UK)
    John Rees, Vice President (Europe), Cairo Conference
    Petros Constantinou, Genoa 2001, Greece
    Salim Valley, South African Anti-war Coalition
    Sheikh Hassan Zarkani, representative of the Al Sadr movement, Iraq
    Jaber Wishbash, co-head, Committee for Human Rights, Gaza
    Nandita Haskar, Supreme Court Lawyer and human rights campaigner, India
    Hebert Docena, Iraq Solidarity Campaign, Phillipines
    Jaya Velankar, Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament, India
    Prabir Purkayastha, Delhi Science Forum, India
    Sabah Jawad, Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation
    Danièle Fayer-Stern, Manneken Peace Not War, Belgium
    P.K.Murthy, All India Federation of Trade Unions
    Chris Bambery, editor Socialist Worker
    Victoria Brittain, former foreign editor, The Guardian
    John Pilger, Journalist
    Harold Pinter, Playwright
    Richard Boyd Barrett, chairperson, Irish Anti-War Movement
    Hans von Sponeck, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq (1998-2000)
    Shirley Franklin, London Region Executive of Natfhe, UK
    Nick Craske, GMB, Holborn, UK
    Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Turkey
    London Fire Authority UNISON
    City of Plymouth UNISON
    Phaedon Vassiliades, Workers Democracy, Cyprus
    The 1990 Trust (Human Rights organisation dealing with issues affecting Black communities in the UK and internationally)
    Jubilee South Africa
    The Progressive Workers Organizing Committee of Houston-Galveston, Texas, USA
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Armourer -

    Are we seriously to beleive that this lot are going to a conference in Cairo? Who is paying? Do the subs-payers of these Unions know what their money is being wasted on? Who is supporting/bankrolling this bunch- the French, Russians, Saudis?

    It's all to horrible to think about - mind you, having George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn in it is a bit of a give-away - as is the name of the Rep from the 'Muslim Association of Britain' - a mister Al-Tikriti. I presume he's upset because the rest of his Family are now out of the dictatorship/torturing business, and he's strapped for cash :)
  15. Blimey, it looks like the shortlist for the international 'Tosser of the Year' competition :lol: