As announced at lunchtime George Dubya has officially asked for British military assistance!

This man, who never had a passport before getting his finger on the button, is about to lead us into GWII and possibily into WW3.

                    ARE YOU AS SCARED AS I AM?
Thanks Glass

Newfeeds starting to buzz with this one, BuffHoon says statement to be made in Mondays parliamentary questions

Reasons to be concerned....Pt 3


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Co-incidental that CDS complained about the FF strike at the same time?  I think not!

Not so much a mistake by CDS, more like clever propaganda - headlines on "evil  FF striking while 'Our Boys' prepare for war" spring to mind.

Quite right too!

.....and i repeat a previous post, just a theory mind.....


I've looked at the last 4 months from all angles....

....Now i believe that Mr. Blair, yes, I called him Mister, is the consumate politician. A veritable maestro of the Green leather.

Tony signed up for T.W.A.T. He signed up, for all the right reasons, and with our support. Unfortunately, he wasn't prepared for Dubya's right flanking, re. Iraq.

So, what does he do?

Well, he can't NOT support the spammies now, can he?

.....and so, Tony launches "Operation Hamstring"

How can he avoid committing the UK armed forces, to operations we can't afford,and the attendant crap publicity of people coming home to a bugler and weeping relatives, which certainly aren't in UK PLC's battle plan, of European domination, prosperity, and another 12 years in the saddle? Simple.

Rely on the unions. He knows, if he winds everyone up enough, he can play the winter of discontent game.

He can hold his hands up, and say "George, i'd love to play, but the countries in rag order thanks to these bastard communists, and you know what they're like, maybe next time?

In the interim, you know you can rely on us for Special Forces, outstanding aircrew and the odd wedding party shooting up"

Net result, Tony gets to keep UK Forces intact for what he really wants to do, and that is kill terrorists.Parsimonious Gordon gets to fund some more hospitals, or did we all miss that announcement today?

He gets to look like the tough warhawk he wants to appear, the British public are grateful they don't have to live in fear for their relatives, The Arab world see Britain moving very hard in diplomatic circles. let's be blunt, if it wasn't for the Mandarins working round the clock with the UN, we'd be spending Crimbo in NBC. So, they see Tony as a man to do business with. After Jack Straws tour of the Middle East, and Assad II's meeting, believe me, we're the wee boys...

So Tony gets the best of both worlds. Appear to be Americas bosom buddy and best friend, and make the right warlike noises, but avoid actually going to all out war, as well as getting himself a whole heap of Brownie points, with our future trade partners/oil suppliers
What do you think?
Whether we are going to go or not, we need to know prior to Christmas.

My regt is on level 10 on the tread mill at the mo and has been pretty much doing all we can just in case.  I would argue that this is unsustainable for both the blokes, and the families, for much longer.

I am sure that we are only a few hundred amongst the 20000 or so of us riding the political roller coaster we appear to be on.  We cannot keep this pace up indefinately so need to know one way or the other.  Is this a common feeling at the mo?

Mayhap the senior blokes who have booked their leave over Christmas have been a little premature?


You lot are streets ahead of me on the understanding and linking stuff together thread.  I hope to get called back to the real army if it all kicks off.

In the meantime, how much would I have to pay either Doggy or Part timer to do AJD for me.  I know the beginning's a piece of piss really but my brain is frazzled from too much Becks and Veuve and Apfelkorn.  I embarassed that I'm finding it difficult.


I like the theory, but you reveal yourself to have been pissed when you you wrote it: ;)

"In the interim, you know you can rely on us for Special Forces, outstanding aircrew and the odd wedding party shooting up"

Outstanding aircrew?  You can't be talking about the crabs, surely! :eek:
Paoli, by outstanding aircrew, I of course refer to Chinook Force and the Pie Fleet. At this time, I remain unaware of any other assets Crab Air have of any use.......  ;D

Mr Blair told the House of Commons no specific number of troops had been yet requested.

He continued: "If there was to be a breach of the UN resolution and we go to military action in circumstances we thought were justified, we would be part of any coalition to make sure that the will of the UN was upheld."

In other words...... we are going in, only if we have to....

Nice one Tony, can't wait for Monday....

Just ask, and ye shall receive........

There is a Fus on your course.  He's got some stuff, tell him you spoke to Dogmonkey and he should hand it over.
That said, would have liked someone else to do it for me, 3 exams etc....

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