Stop the Olympics !!! Morrissey's upset ..... ( Again )

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by velcrostripes, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. We are all nazis , apparently :

    Morrissey: Olympic Spirit 'Like Nazi Germany' - Yahoo! News UK

    Singer Morrissey has slammed the coverage of the London 2012 Olympics for its "blustering jingoism" - and likened the "foul patriotism" to the Germany of the Nazis.
    In a statement posted on True To You - an online Morrissey fanzine - the former frontman of The Smiths outlined his distaste for the media attention given to the royal family and the sense of British spirit.
    He goes on to say that the "spirit of 1939 Germany now pervades throughout media-brand Britain", as a result of the Olympics coverage.
    The statement reads: "I am unable to watch the Olympics due to the blustering jingoism that drenches the event. Has England ever been quite so foul with patriotism?

    What an utter twonk ......
  2. He's just a cunt. end of.
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  3. Always remember.

    Morrisey is a twat.

    You can even google that.
  4. What was the tosspot hoping for? We're hosting and doing very well at the Olympics so are enjoying it. I've yet to hear any talk of exterminating the Jews or living space unless Seb Coe's saving it for the closing ceremony. Cunt of the worst kind who needs a good dose of vCJD the Argie bumming, wank since the 80s old cunt.
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  5. People use the word, "Nazi" like it's a bad thing. But did you ever hear of a woman who fantasized about being tied down and raped by a Liberal?:twisted:
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  6. I think Morrisey has a point. I read that one of the British lads that won Gymnastics Bronze was being given free lamb and chicken by a butcher in Nottingham to build him up

    Not only is the Olympics run by jackbooted stormtroopers it seems they are letting non-vegans in too. Outrageous
  7. He's just an Arse! Him and Sean Penn! Has Morrisey even looked at his own Country? The US to me resembles more of the Nazi style flag bearing compared to the UK.
  8. I agree with that comment / description. I firmly believe there are a few misguided athletes who simply see atheletic prowess as a stepping-stone to "celebrity".
    Since when have "athletes" truly dedicated to their sport required a PR team that drip-feeds stories as soon as they fall off the front page again? Athlete's parents getting in on the act and feeding the media also...
    Young Adlington has aspirations to appear on celebrity dance or whatever it is.
    I think there are a few in it for the wrong reasons. "Meedya" has a lot to answer for. It's poisoning people into thinking "celebrity" can be achieved through little effort. The truth today's chav can...but it does not last long.

    The media and various PR teams have over-hyped some athletes. They may not perform to expectations. They will then be drawn to the "celebrity" shite. A few appearances on a few reality shows and they will then be discarded. They will, by then though have fuck all to fall back on.
    I predict, in 15 years time we may well see a couple of today's over-hyped hopefuls flogging turkey basters on an obscure satellite channel.

    Right...I'm off to pop some kid's football...
  9. he must have an album coming out soon..the man fat gargling twat
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  10. What the feck are you on about?
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  11. well....., hailed as an austerity games; the opening ceremony costing 67million pounds. The nazi-esque torch relay, passe?
  12. When ever morrissey is lauded as some sort of messiah I remember seeing him in a quite posh book shop off portland st in Manchester a while back. Looking intently at a book in one hand. With the other he put his hand in his pants round the back, took them out and then snuffed his fingers. Quite a feat as he had a long coat on at the time. You can imaging the struggle but fair play to the lad he kept on reading.
  13. Having read the link, it seems that Morrison (who is a media-attention-seeking has been) is becoming the new David Icke.

    He has a point about it all being London London London- everyone paid for it, london gets it.

    But he is a twat
  14. Ah..has Forestero struck again?

    Yeah... I'll get my boots bulled and take one last look at my avatar...
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  15. Did him and Marr not shaft the other two members of the band out of all the royalties and now they would not piss on him even if he was on fire?

    Thats a nice bit of socialist principles for you.
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