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Stop saying sir on the phone- A request by an RN doctor

Quickly and easily?

“Hello, X Squdron office, Corporal Smith speaking, how can I help you?”
<caller identifies themself>
”Sorry Sir/Ma’am/Dïckhëad, sort it out yourself.”
Why apologise? Your example of how you’d answer the phone was perfectly polite and respectful. If people are going to get all unnecessary about whether they’re addressed as Sir or Ma’am, I’d be fucked before I’d apologise for my lack of extra-sensory perception.
Well fair fucks to you for dusting the whatsit crumbs of your gut, smelling your own farts and then offering advice. You didn’t serve in the infantry so what gives you the authority to proffer advice.

**** white knighting some snowflakey bint that we all know won’t get anywhere P Coy, it’s you I want to ****. Really slowly. Whilst I spin dit’s about Nahr-e Saraj. **** you turn me on!

I didnt realise that you had to serve in the infantry to have authority to tell people to stop acting like a bellend.
I love how self conscious you are. Why couldn’t you just say no? Why the little follow up statistic?

Also it’s a capital “I”. That’s Primary school level of grammar.

Bite x

Hilarious mate, on par with Bugsy and his witty comebacks.
It's good to see the Army hasn't lost the tradition of spending inordinate amounts of time bickering about utterly trivial issues. Reminds me of the consecutive tours I did at tri-service units. In nine years I don't think there was an issue of Soldier that didn't have a letter about whether folk should tuck their shirt in (which, incidentally, always seemed to be treated with greater significance in Senior Officer replies than those letters highlighting genuine greivances).

It was on the first of these tours I witnessed this strange way of answering the phone. It never offended me, I just watched with wry amusement as supposedly intelligent SNCOs continued to answer telephones in a manner that made no sense and yet never thought to question their own actions.


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Mind you, there were always characters, such as the CSM who answered the phone this: "Alpha, Seagull speaking."
I learnt there were different ways of saying "Sir" or "Ma'am", some were not as respectful as others.

Usually preceded by, "With all due respect [Sir / Ma'am] . . ."

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