Stop road pricing -petition gathers ace

The grassroots revolt against plans to introduce pay-as-you-drive road pricing was growing last night, with more than 71,000 people signing an online Downing Street petition calling for the scheme to be scrapped.

Thousands of opponents are adding their names daily — the number of signatories has risen from 9,000 on Dec 2. The petition ( is due to remain online until Feb 20.


War Hero
To make lives easier, this should be the direct link. Nobody seems to have mentioned what they plan to spend the money raised on. Presumably it will be on vast project designed to actually nullify the effects of all those carbon emissions? Or it just another way of milking us?


Unfortunately my best efforts in finding any evidence of a reversal of Alaister Darling's proposals for road pricing have proved fruitless.

Such an assertion if unsupported by tangible evidence of intention would, if widely believed, effectively neutralise the mobilisation of public opinion against government policy which would, in any event, be introduced on the basis that there was insufficient public opposition to it which would translate itself into tacit approval.

I must, therefore, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, act on the statement of intent by the Minister and submit my signature to the petition rather than act upon an alleged report by the BBC which may or may not have any foundation in fact.

I remain willing to be corrected by the production of tangible evidence.
Sven said:
You are a tad late

The Beeb reported weeks ago that the government weren't going ahead with the idea
Which is code for: "it looks unpopular, but we need the cash, so lets go quiet and shove it in the next budget anyway."


War Hero
As far as I am aware it is still on the cards and the recent working group/party/whitewash suggested that it was the only way forward. Frankly for a whole host of reasons I think it smells of just another way of squeezing money out the most easily traced and milked members of society, the car users.

As an aside (and not too far off thread I hope) I understand that there are plans afoot for all cars, whether on or off the road, to be insured by law. Other than a few lines in What Car, does anyone else know of this? What about the '78 BMW R100RT in my shed undergoing a slow restoration? It's in bits for heavens sake!


Oh this is getting ridiculous now. At first we were being encouraged to leave our cars at home and rely on public transport (yeh right), and showing lots of lovely people driving cars powered by electric, chip pan oil or flipping faeces. Then despite annual raise to train fares, Mr Livingstone backs out on his statement of not rising bus and tube fares for three years by practically quadrupling the cost to what they are now IF you hadn't the time, knowledge or need to obtain an Oyster card. And this is supposed to make us want to leave the car at home??! But hold on, don't jump behind that wheel just yet, even though we already pay a road tax, you're telling me that there are plans to pay each time we drive??!
This is really getting right on my tits now, I had thought this idea was shot down too. At this rate and the introduction of IT into everyday life, we'd soon have to work and learn at home and pay to even walk anywhere. WTF is up with this government? Are these ministers blind or what? They want more money into the coffers yet people like Pres-cost pays out hundreds of pounds for changing around three words on a flipping sign. Christ almighty.
In my mind the worst aspect of these (far too many) "road taxes" is that the money is not being spent on roads, but on finding of other looney left ideas.
Economically it seems a good idea but it needs to be backed up by public transport OUTSIDE OF LONDON. Funnily enough there is a small little place that exists outside of london where people cant take a bus to work because its shit and half an hour late. Of course the money raised will never ever go towards road repairs or public transport so it becomes a bad idea.

The other thing i object to is i dont like the idea of the government watching my every movement in a car. Why should i be tagged and watched like im a terrorist or criminal? I would have agreed to this way back but nowadays with increasing excuses to control the population i dont trust the government anymore