Stop putting it off and get on with it!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Eyebrows of Doom, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. I managed put a few things off last year, so here are but a few things I need to do this year.

    Build a new shed, Our current shed is pretty shabby and is overflowing with all the shite of the day, from broken kids toys to un-used bikes, so I’ve decided I need a bigger one, I checked out good old BnQ at first, they look not too bad until I gave it a nudge and the thing nearly hit the deck like an Italian football player. I worked out I can throw decent shed together for less than £250, so as soon as we see some decent weather:\\\\ the fun begins.

    Sought out the loft, It's a fucking war zone up there, I think we may be hoarding just a wee bit, so we are going to be ruthless and throw out some of the crap or even sell some of it on eBay. It also doesn’t help when Mrs EBD buys loads of bargains, you know BOGOF washing powder, juice, washing up liquid, and she has even started buying xmas pressies for this year:frustrated:

    So what stuff do you need to get on with this year?
  2. Fucking Independence referendum so we can bin the whole stupid idea and get on with our lives.
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  3. I'm not going to tell you, now stop pontificating and go and buy some wood!

    That shed won't build itself you know!
  4. Finish off the kitchen and flog the flat and find a house with a BFO garage/shed for my shite
  5. I intend to do exactly what i did this time last year, the square route of fuck all.
  6. Swap the living room for the dining room and vice versa. That means I can get the 40 inch telly on the wall in a safe place so I won't keep knocking it over.

    Hire a skip to get rid of the shit I've amassed over the last 25 years.

    Put 10kg on.

    Get SausageDog his avatar back. Have you been a naughty boy?
  7. Hall, stairs and landing all need doing. Just trying to build up the enthusiasm to do it
  8. You might like this....
    For me it's to open my post and make a plan for the next 5 years

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  9. I'm going to stop procrastinating, sometime in 2014
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  10. It's ok, my little pea brain understood that.

    I think he was a Scouser.
  11. If you have any of them round shiny vynil things called records, i will take them of your hands if you want,
    And your stash of porn you hid in the loft from the mrs

    ... .... .. -
  12. On the subject of the shed, I am going to be very daring here and risk the wrath of the all seeing shedii and ask why not just chuck out all the shite in your present one and then a coat of creosote and some new roof felt and jobs a good-un?

    Or is that a stupid idea and you really "need" a new shed?
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  13. All the things I was supposed to do to the house in 2012 but found other things to spend the money on (2 weeks in Florida and alcohol, mostly). I've made a start by buying a new light fitting for the dining room. Just need to find some mug to fit it for me...
  14. You're in the right place.
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