Stop President Blair - Petition

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. The prospect of that grinning loon as unelected president of the European Union is too much to stomach. He must be stopped!

    It's not too late, the French are having second thoughts, the Germans are less than keen, and that only leaves the Italians and one Silvio Berlusconi in support ( a man of similar integrity to Mr Blair). Mary Robinson appears to be the best Stop Blair candidate and the odds are shortening on her succeeding. All assuming the Czechs don't manage to derail the whole thing by delaying it until the Tories get in to No 10.

    Sign the petition now!
  2. Signed. This terrible man should never get a job like that (why the feck do we need an EU president anyway??)
  3. done- blokes a pr1ck
  4. Signed, Keep the W**ker out.
  5. Oh goody. Another pointless petition. Do you really think anyone, anyone at all, will take any notice?
  6. But it is one of the very few ways to say anything about it, signing up to it is better than constantly bumping your gums to one and all but doing nothing
  7. Signed

    This odious ceature does not have the integrity to hold such a powerful posistion.
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    No, it isn't. It's a way of the government trying to convince the public that "they are listening to our concerns", when in actual fact they ignore it completely, other than occasionally getting a random civil servant to email a stock reply to everyone who signed as to the official government response why they have ignored and dismissed it completely.

  9. Signed

    38724 Sir Al Kikabolkov UK

  10. Well said, and I wonder if any of our resident paid political hacks (Ashie etc) could give us one reason why the odious piece of crap that is Bliar, and his fookin horrendous letter box mouthed wife, should get a chance to get on the EU gravy train.
  11. The post is just a more permenent (a few years only, not the current 6 months rotation) president of the council, it is most certainly not a US style president, no real power. you bang the gavel at meetings and glad hand foreign VVIPs.

    I also don't want this "person" anywhere near any job that represents me. I think he's a sociopath quite frankly.
  12. I'd say it's exactly the same. Do you think anyone reads it apart from the dullards who think they are "making a point"?

    Complete waste of electrons.
  13. Signed.

    Not that I think it will make a blind bit of difference but I could not in all honesty allow this arrse to be a shoe-in for a position of power where he may be able to to the same as he did to us to other members of the EC.

    He truly is the anti-christ*

    (delete * and insert your religion of choice)
  14. Fair do's. I'm not anti Euro as such, but I don't think we need any extra layers of government, there's far too much of it already. We seem to be centralising power when we should be devolving it IMO (Direct democracy anyone?).