thegimp said:
I'm getting fecking threaders about media stories about so called outrages against the forces, poppy appeal etc being posted up here

Stop getting fecking bothered about all this media generated pseudo outrage.

I don't give a feck if someone doesn't fancy wearing a poppy

I don't give a feck if a business doesn't support poppy collect

I don't care if Pvt Joe Bloggs rtd gets fecked off at the high port for some random pointless sh!t

This is just table dressing, the medias flavour of the month

It takes away from the more serious issues relating to the armed forces and like it or not the public will start getting bored and develop

This morning The Wright stuff had a section on POPPY FASCISTS!!!!

I don't want any C.U.N.T ouraged on my behalf

And breathe!!
No one gets outraged without being justified first, are you saying that Soldiers turned away from a venue, not allowed to stay in a hotel because there Soldiers or persons not aloud to wear a poppy is right????

We the serving Soildiers have got a vast ammount of support from the public and when some numpty discriminates against us because of the uniform we wear then you can bet i will be fecking outraged.

I now think you should take yourself outside, have a word with yourself, give yourself a double slab round the chops and come back in. Fecking Spunk Guzziler
Your double posting has outraged me!

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