Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thegimp, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. I'm getting fecking threaders about media stories about so called outrages against the forces, poppy appeal etc being posted up here

    Stop getting fecking bothered about all this media generated pseudo outrage.

    I don't give a feck if someone doesn't fancy wearing a poppy

    I don't give a feck if a business doesn't support poppy collect

    I don't care if Pvt Joe Bloggs rtd gets fecked off at the high port for some random pointless sh!t

    This is just table dressing, the medias flavour of the month

    It takes away from the more serious issues relating to the armed forces and like it or not the public will start getting bored and develop

    This morning The Wright stuff had a section on POPPY FASCISTS!!!!

    I don't want any C.U.N.T ouraged on my behalf

    And breathe!!
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Why do you let something so trivial bother you?
  3. It's 'cos he is outraged innit?
  4. its not trivia. Its about the media, the use of the media and being used by the media.

    The dilution of the important issues with faux outrage about niff naff and trivia

    Its also about the misperception of what the forces is about, how we work and our "corporate mindset"
  5. How about banning posts about STOP POSTING CHAD FORCES/POPPY OUTRAGE STORIES :p
  6. Yea, go and watch Charlie Wilson's War and calm down
  7. Whats a poppy fascist?

    One who bans poppies or one who gets all 'on the outrage bus' if they see someone not wearing a poppy?
  8. I believe its the latter.

  9. No one gets outraged without being justified first, are you saying that Soldiers turned away from a venue, not allowed to stay in a hotel because there Soldiers or persons not aloud to wear a poppy is right????

    We the serving Soildiers have got a vast ammount of support from the public and when some numpty discriminates against us because of the uniform we wear then you can bet i will be fecking outraged.

    I now think you should take yourself outside, have a word with yourself, give yourself a double slab round the chops and come back in. Fecking Spunk Guzziler
  10. I don't personally get all outraged about people not wearing them - that's their choice.

    I do, however, reserve the right to be royally outraged to the point of considering buying the Daily Mail about people not being allowed to wear them (circumstances dependent, obviously). Would that be considered poppy fascism?
  11. I for one am outraged that your avatar is not wearing a poppy, show some decorum in the forum you anti poppy facist.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Where's Sam Tyler's poppy?!...

  13. I don't wear a pink ribbon for breast cancer victims, I don't even have t1ts, if anyone got sacked from a shop for wearing one I wouldn't give a f*ck.

    If people want to remember us and give money to our charity then I'm very grateful, if they don't f*ck 'em, I couldn't care less.
  14. This shizzle comes from PC policies generated by feck wits with to little work attempting to cover their PC arrses.

    Getting turned away from a hotel is just bad execution/misunderstanding corporate policy

    Getting turned away from pubs/clubs/venues.............Be very honest who is kicking off on a regular basis?

    Poppy fascists!!! What the feck sort of story on terrestrial day time TV is that!!!!!

    These are none stories

    Helicoptors, sh!t ammo, crap accomodation, operational tempo, medical support for troops injured, mental health support for troops etc

    These things are important
  15. I'll tell you what's not right, spelling "allowed" as "aloud" isn't fucking right. Never mind all this poppy stuff, you've got a computer with the internet, with Google to look up the words you don't know and you're still bloody wrong, that's outrageous...and you've spelt "guzzler" wrong too... ;)

    And breathe...

    IMO Gimp's right, to an extent; sooner or later the public'll get fed up with boo-hoo stories about how some nonentity refuses to sell poppies or some student feckwit decides to have a slash on a war memorial whilst wasted. Save the outrage for the really outrageous things like the amount we give double amputee veterans in compensation compared to how much MPs get to "adjust" to life outside the Commons (aka the not being a sponging cnut anymore and having to actually do some work allowance). That's the sort of thing we need the power of public outrage to change.