Stop picking on Scousers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cedric Chimp, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. I am a West Indian guy and have just completed 22 years in the RMP, (I still remember the SLR), and have retired to Bootle, Merseyside. I have been reading this site and have come to the conclusion that you guys pick on Liverpudleans way too much.

    When I lived in Surrey, my shed was always getting broken into, but this has not happened once in Liverpool.

    I find them hard working and honest in all their dealings. I think you all envy their sense of humour and musical talent.

    Stop picking on scousers!
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  2. Fuck off you dull cunt.
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  3. Who rattled your cage, batty boy?
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  4. More interesting people.
  5. 1990 you say.

    How long was your phase 2 then?
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    calm down...

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  7. So is the OP a Barry or Terry?
  8. Joined JLR in 1986, but as you know, boy service doesn't count for pension.

    Transferred to RMP after a nasty accident in 1997.

    Why do you ask? Are you implying I'm a fibber.

  9. Are you the only gay in your village?
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  10. Not picking on Scousers, that's like not slapping the wife when she's late with tea.
    The road to anarchy!
  11. God forbid that a Monkey would ever fabricate evidence.
  12. I am not sure how you go RMP if downgraded...
  13. You join today, which just happens to be April fools day and you already know Jarrod is an uphill gardener?

    Sockpuppets are getting more moronic by the day.
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  14. If I was injured and couldn't do the Infantry thing anymore I would volunteer straight away to be sent on a phase two course that means even more phis than before, PT every day, the extra PT in the evenings, the ten mile runs, the running through a river in soaking wet kit, the lack of sleep, the evening class room lessons on top of the working day, the log runs..

    I am sure the doc packed you off with a merry wave and a sick note to be presented at the guardroom when you got there.
  15. Hello Stacker

    Where's my brew?
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