Stop Moaning about Blandford.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bored_of_the_signals, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. Stop Maoning about Blandford, if you are not happy leave the Army or the Signals they are most likely better off without you. Go and bore somebody else. Blandford aint gonna change cos you and your wifes moan about it.
  2. So your telling people to stop moaning about the Signals and yet you call yourself 'bored of the signals'

  3. And who says I am not doing something about it rather than moaning?

  4. bored_of_the_signals,

    you are a prat - typical idiot who cant be bothered to try and make improvements on things and would rather some highly skilled individual left the army because you couldn't be bothered to make an effort to improve life outside of work. Remember, the Army is a life so you have an obligation to help wherever possible outside of normal hours.

    Its people like YOU who need to get out. :evil:
  5. Is everyone who is having a bitch at the moment actively trying to improve the situation at Blandford?

    Having trawled through the multitude of threads and whinges, all i can say for certain is that you have made yourselves look a bunch of tossers in front of the entire arrse readership.

    Whilst i'm sure your all well meaning, well motivated individuals you've done your best to make yourselves look t wats, i dont get it.

    I lie back in anticipation of the inevitable "shut up you knob, your probably the RSM" reply.

  6. Shut up you knob, and you will never make RSM.


  7. Thank god for that, now that really would send my carear off in a new and unplanned tangent. Come to think of it, pretty similar to the rest of it, so what the hell.

  8. well said Boney_m! Ex-Signals myself. I did something about it and am now lovin it in another Corps, the grass sometimes is much greener!!.
  9. No mate, still in the Corps, just dont plan on being an RSM. Starting to forumulate a plan about going to Blandford and having a contiguous cull of tech upgrader courses. Its all well meaning and for the greater good you understand :wink:

  10. Stop moaning full stop you whining scaly cnuts.
  11. give me a shout if you need a hand......
  12. I'll do they recce if needed
  13. wots the problem blandford sucks that is the cold ard fact
  14. Pointless idea lads, aint you learnt yet we're invincible, you'll never get rid of us. Nuclear holocaust there'll be cockroaches and techs left complaining about how the world is very dusty.
  15. you maybe 'invincible' behind your pc, you would sh*t yourself if i barked in your face and gave you an order.

    i do like your own reference to cockroaches and your trade - how apt.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.