Stop it. Its annoying...and wrong.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. Those little bloody icons in people sigs which try to tell me that whoever has them is extremely clever because they apparently know my IP address and ISP, well, you don't. You know my firewalls IP address and to tell me that my isp is is about as descriptive as saying that you can recognise a dog because it has ears. They even get my browser wrong! Please stop using them as you are only embarrassing yourself. It's like that episode of the Simpson’s where Homer makes the ultimate web sit but nicking all the animated gifs he can find and putting them all in one place. They are the chav cars of web traffic. They supposedly look nice but have no substance whatsoever.
  2. If, instead, everybody had Angelina Jolie avatars the intaweb would be happier, nicer-to-look-at place.

  3. or John Cusack for the girlies...................
  4. It would indeed.
  5. ..or a nice pair of baps (unless your're on of those whinging farts who doesn't like boobs in sigs and moans to the mods)
  6. Ripper mate, - I will never moan at your sig!!!
  7. i have a few videos of said girl, mandy taylor 36DDD. christ she is good!!!
  8. :roll: Your sig is WRONG!!
  9. just ignore it then speedy, its the easier option!! its correct for my pc. are you drawn to it by some strange fixation??
  10. These bloody things ?


    Aye too true they're sh1te. About as threatening as a cheese sandwich.

    Time to DoS I think
  11. there, is that better? can i keep my busty blonde tho??!!
  12. I've decided just to be annoying.
  13. But, not half as annoying as those feeble minded, lazy cnuts, who insist on quoting

  14. etc, etc, etc.