Stop eating our swans...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frog_face, Aug 7, 2007.

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    I had a friend come back from Ireland and he told me about Polish eating Swans out of the park. I laughed at him, urban myth if I ever saw one. Until now....
  2. as secretary of a local angling club in east anglia i can tell you it is not an urban myth, or the removal of fish either.
  3. If you ain't gonna eat the fish you catch, don't fish. Fish = food.
  4. …yes I can see that working :roll:
  5. How completely bizarre...what is it that would attract you to nicking and eating swans? Do they taste particularly nice? Has chicken suddenly become extremely expensive? What is this place coming to when we have groups of hungry immigrants roaming the streets!

  6. right thats it i've had quite enough of this im breaking out the winchester and going for a spot of polepoaching whos with me!
  7. Guess the swans are easier to catch and are meatier than chickens... of course, the chickens are all in coops and protected by angry farmers.

    Damned shame...
  8. You'd need one hell of an oven .......
  9. No, joint and crown it, it fits lovely...I mean it probably would fit lovely...anyone want a couple of bags of swans-do..I mean goose-down?
  10. just out of intrest, not that im going to go and kill, cook and eat one, doesswan taste like chicken or duck?
  11. Fish getting poached, that must be awfully common. But the Sun ran a very similar story about Eastern European immigrants poaching swans in 2003 that was investigated by the PCC and found to have been fabricated....they ran a retraction (albeit on page 41, about six months after the incident).

    I'm not saying it hasn't happened. But I would probably much less cynical of it if the story wasn't being promoted by one of Murdoch's other machines.

    Davek, have you witnessed the swan thing yourself?
  12. No ... it tastes like swan

    ... allegedly!

    BTW swans should be roasted not poached :twisted:
  13. I thought swans were under Royal protection? And only Lizzie was allowed to eat them?
  14. They taste a bit like Golden Eagles without the talons.
  15. Top nosh are Swans! :p The one that bit my arse tasted even better! :D Cheaper that chicken too! :wink: