Stop Dog Killer Stephan Graham Bullock from joining HM Forces (Army)

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by doglover, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. SIGN THE PETITION >>> Stephen Graham Bullock
    Stop Dog Killer Stephan Graham Bullock from joining HM Forces (Army) | Facebook


    Stephan Graham Bullock, 23, pleaded guilty at Basingstoke Magistrates' Court in Hampshire to strangling the dog, called Alfie Moon after the EastEnders character.
    The six-year-old German shepherd-lurcher cross was found half buried in a wooded area with a lead wrapped tightly around his neck, the court heard.
    The dog was microchipped and had been a rescue dog rehomed by the RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Surrey some time before but the original adopter had passed Alfie on and eventually he came to be looked after by Bullock's sister.
    But she was unable to cope with the dog so she asked Bullock, who was living with her at the time, to take him.
    The court heard Bullock, from Basingstoke, walked the dog to a vet for help and he was advised to call the RSPCA.
    He then walked to a wooded area and he strangled the dog using the lead. Bullock admitted it took two or three minutes of the dog whimpering before the animal went limp and died.
    Bullock pleaded guilty on September 7 to failing to protect Alfie from pain, injury and suffering in contravention of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. He was given a lifetime disqualification from owning or keeping all animals and a 12-month supervision order. He was also ordered to carry out 50 hours of unpaid community work and to pay RSPCA costs of £400.
    Bullock, of Walnut Way, has been accepted into the Army and his defence asked the court not to give him a custodial sentence as he would miss his basic training.
    RSPCA inspector Jan Edwards said: "In Alfie's last moments he would have suffered pain and extreme distress whilst being strangled by Bullock - a brutal and calculated act which fills me with sadness, disbelief and horror."
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Ha ha, his surname is just one letter away from bollock.
  3. And a bollock is just a smidgen away from a cock.
  4. What is the score with unspent convictions and joining up? Surely this waste of oxygen should not be allowed to serve? However, judging by his actions here, I doubt he will get through basic anyway as he is obviously a complete arse wipe.
  5. Perhaps the dog didn't like peanut butter??
  6. Let him join. His name has been plastered all over the press so no doubt 'dog bollock' as he will become known will find lots of new animal loving friends who will erm 'discuss' the matter with the cnut.
  7. My dog loves peanut butter. Sometimes I also secrete a special treat betwixt my buttocks.
  8. I think he'll go far! He certainly has the "get the job done" attitude.
  9. I hope use "smooth" peanut butter..."crunchy" can be a bit harsh, apparently??
  10. Is he joining as a dog handler?

    At least he wont get jiffed to walk some ruperts dog for him at NAAFI break
  11. "I think he'll go far! He certainly has the "get the job done" attitude."

    Nah, he'd be rubbish at digging shell scrapes.
  12. He killed a dog so should automatically be a member of "them"

    (dog soldiers)
  13. TBH, any sort of preserve that I may have to hand. When the urge takes me, I can't wait. I have been known to use liberal amounts of Chum and dog gravy to achieve the desired effect although sometimes this has led to impromptu trips to A&E. Look out for me on Bizarre ER.
  14. Is there a BEBO group? 9 Toms from my Sqn want to take part in this righteous movement but they arent old enough to have Facebook accounts yet.
  15. I think what's most upsetting about this whole thing, is there was no sign of any sexual activity before or after he killed the mutt. Such a waste.

    RIP Spot, you will be missed etc.