Stop Common Purpose


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Damn. I'm always away worming the cat when the Lizard Hordes descend.

"NuLab - Destroying Britain from the inside out : STOP Common Purpose UK"

Er, Common Purpose was a Tory initiative setup 20 years ago in response to the inner city riots that spread across the UK that summer.

It is only evil if you believe sitting on your fat arrse talking to a bunch of smug suits in a flash hotel will solve the problems of our underclass.

I suspect the solution to Chav Nation favoured here would be a tad more direct than 'Engaging them in the entrepreneurial culture'?
If they weren't getting public money I would have said good on them for making money from idiots who are willing to part with their money in the misguided belief that they are getting an inside edge to the top by swallowing the BS they spout.

Can we say emporers new clothes? Who will be the first to tell them they are naked because not only did they lose the shirts off their backs but the rest of the wardrobe too?

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