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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Oct 29, 2009.

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    The death of anyone is sad. To die whilst training in peacetime is tragic. But this poor lad was undergoing a 'reprimand', there must have been something wrong with him medically for this to have happened and I'm sure if the weakness was known about, this wouldn't have happened.

    What had he done to require a 'sorting out'?

    I'm re-reading Lt Col AD Wintle MC 's book 'The Last Englishman' at the moment and he states, I believe correctly, that you 'can't have a military without having militarism'.

    Who hasn't been 'beasted'? Whether it be 'get down and give me 20' or 'Last one round those sheep and back again' or marking time wearing a steel helmet (no spider) with a fire extinguisher over your head? Frankly, it all comes back to 'don't join if you can't take a joke' or if you don't want a fcuking good rifting, don't act like a tit.
  2. You haven't had a good beasting have you? :lol:
  3. I'll answer in two parts, if I can.

    i) He'd let off a fire extinguisher while drunk. Obviously in this Health & Safety culture, it's more of a serious offence than it used to be. I'm passing on this information third-hand (i.e. someone who instructed on my PTI course knew one of the APTCI (PT Corps) gents who took the 'beasting'. He was paraded first thing in the morning, still a little hungover/drunk, and from what I understand, the CO/OC said something along the lines of, 'Get him away, I want him back here sober in xx hours.'.
    A combination of over-exertion and residual dehydration caused a severe heat injury.

    ii) Obviously, I'm not PT Corps, and I can't speak for their training, but on the PTI course you are given specific lessons on dehydration and exertion whilst suffering from alcohol dehydration. And, in my opinion (and only mine), there is no place for un-constructive beastings. It is true that PT should not be used a punishment. And the attitude of 'Hey, it's all a laugh.', has, in today's litigious society, been replaced, and quite rightly so, with a more careful spirit.

    I'm all for taking good hard PT sessions, but these guys really do have very little comeback.
  4. Not sure what your getting at here Q. I'm all in favour of some correctional PT The Shell being a good one when common sense is applied but in this case and in my opinion based on what I know the Provo went over the top, common sense should have prevailed, Tit or not.

    Tango, just read your post. It was the Adj mate with the phrase to the Provo I want you to melt him or something along those lines. The Adj was not happy about something that went on outside the Officers mess and yes a fire extinguisher was involved
  5. Have you seen "The Hill"?

    Normally blokes give up before they do themselves damage. In this case, it looks like the soldier was pretty determined. With that sort of willpower, it's doubly saddening that he died.
  6. in my opinion based on what I know the Provo went over the top.

    Have you ever known a Provo that didn't?
  7. Ah ok, thanks SJ, it was a while back that I was told, the details were/are a little fuzzy!
  8. Yes. a good one :?
  9. While I do agree completely with yourself, and by extension Lt Col Wintle's statement, I do believe there is a very clear line, which should not be crossed. There is a massive difference between 'robust' (useful word that!), constructive physical training, and OTT, unplanned beastings that are more harmful than helpful (extremely harmful in this case).
  10. Craphats.

    They just can't take a beasting can they?
  11. We're training blokes to slam bayonets into human skulls under fire.
  12. Very true, we are training them to kill others, but not killing our own in the process.

    edited to add: In much the same way you wouldn't make someone with a suspected ankle injury do alternate knees to chest, someone suffering from dehydration (as one of the chief symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption) shouldn't be subjected to something which will cause even more dehydration.
  13. Yes but was also train them in the ROE :wink:
  14. Youve obviously never spent a couple of hours being trashed up and down the mudflats, Im of the opinion that 1 death per intake, the token scouse cheekyboy or tea leafing jock would do, and preferably dying publicly would instill a bit more 'ooomph' in the rest of the chaps