Stop Bale being deported after 13 years serving British Armed Forces

Discussion in 'RAC' started by the_butler, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. I just wanted this to reach a wider audience. I have met this soldier and his family and they are good people who have been dealt a bad hand. At the time he was LAD att HCR.
    It seems if you have been on CO's orders for being naughty it can now be equated to a criminal conviction.

    Please read the quoted details below and if you feel he has had a rum deal, sign the petition.

    Sign here

  2. I think the original OP's point was that he was charged under the military system by his commanding officer, thus a military affair and not a criminal offence per se as no civilian proceedings were brought against him, he was involved, so no need to take it to court marshall. Fine from the old man taken on the chin, end of story.

    However under these new rules, it is now disclosed as an offence, thus making him a criminal in certain eyes.

    I read about this recently under the disclosure rules, something i need for my job and thought i had read it wrong, it seems not.

    so the question is why if no criminal proceedings are bought, under civilian law, then why is this included as a criminal offence?
  3. What is "inherently racist" about this? Why bring racism into something that is clearly not? Playing the race card will lose support and has definatly lost any support that I may have had for this.

    Sorry, (well not sorry) not signed due the race card being played.
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  4. Will sign the petition by all means.

    What else is being done to help him and his family?

    Can he appeal against CO's findings on the grounds that he was not aware that this finding would have these consequences?

    PS CO's orders have always meant a conviction as A CO is classified as a "magistrate" under some act or other. A lot of ex army lads have to declare ND's when they apply to join the screws or the coppers.
  5. 'ooooh he's lost my support....oooh me me everybody look at me'

    Get over yourself plankton-head.

    Admittedly they could have used a better approach but the bloke's done 13 years and 5 operational tours more than other ******* immigrant low-lifes who get to stay and fleece the UK taxpayer.

    He's just an easy target for some bureaucratic ****** with a quota to fill.
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  6. To quote Al Murray "Rules is rules, without them where would we be? Thats right, France!"
    If the original charge is now classed as a civil offence, then can he not appeal against the CO's decision in retrospect, because the guy was denied legal representation in his defence?
  7. Take your head for a wobble. The guy is asking for support here (whether it is the actual bloke or not), and I responded saying I won't give that support due to the race card being played. How is that "me me everybody look at me"? Did you ever leave the playground?
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  8. So Ex Tom (commonwealth soldier), has a bit of a fight.....who hasnt = deportation

    Refugee Lightbulb head rapes a 12 year old = a "welcome to stay" in the UK

    Someting seriously wrong with the system!!
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  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    So in 13 years of residence in the Uk he never did the whole passport thing? I thought it was 5 years to qualify or am I mistaken?
  10. Indeed there is, and there are other such cases where criminals have been or will be allowed to stay in the country after they are released from prison because of so called human rghts, such as the one who murdered a headmaster. However, using the race card is no way to go about fighting to stay.
  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    There is definitely something fishy about this story. Firstly, he's qualified for british citizenship by now and secondly there are enough precedents for the "right to a family life" defence for a reasonable lawyer to win a right to remain. So why the petition and not a law suit?
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  12. Things must have changed a bit since I was in. So based on what I knew back then unless it was a major fight this should have been covered at Company/Squadron/Battery level and entered on their AFB 121 which normally is cleared after a specific time. If it goes to CO any award goes on the soldier's AFB 120 which never dies. Although anything spent gets a line through it and marked so. Did he choose CO Orders over OC?

    When was the fight? If it was spent under RoA why did he have to declare it?

    I work with many nationalities and it is normally the wasters who play the race card. The OP says this guy is OK so why hasn't he been pointed at a No Win No Fee Human Rights lawyer? Where's his MP on all this? It sounds like he has a solid case unless there is far more to this situation than has been let on. Try the petition once all avenues have been exhausted without playing the race card and I'll sign it.
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  13. I'd say your comparisons are somewhat indicative of your grasp on reality.

    Whether his judgement is questionable or not, if I were in his shoes I'd be trying everything I could as well, so would you.

    Yet another bloke who has done infinitely more for his country than those who are ******* him over.
  14. I think it is you who has the problem with reality. Get a grip, stop being hysterical and actually read before commenting. If you do, you will see that at no point I made a comparison between this chap and the person who murdered a headmaster. In fact you will note that I agree with sebcoe in the fact that there is something drastically wrong with thee system, so wind your neck in.

    Would I? Who are you to judge what I would or would not do? Do not ever presume I or anyone else would do something just because you would. I would not play the race card, a) because it is clearly wrong an b) it would lead to a lot of other issues.