Stop and search whinging


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If we left them to it would they be willing to off a few more?


I don't see a problem with stop and search as long as it's done because they either match or are similar to the profile of someone they're looking for or they look like they're up to something i.e. hanging around a known spot for drug dealers etc. It shouldn't be used because black people might be more dodgy than white people etc.

Having said that, it doesn't say where the stops have been carried out, I wouldn't be surprised if they involved stopping young black people who were hanging around and looking a bit dodgy in an area where there is a problem with black gangs/.yardies or similar groups.
At Notting hill Carnival this year I saw many stop and searches. I also saw kids wearing stab vests. One of the coppers we were talking to tipped us off that there had been an incident further down Ladbroke Grove. We got there a few minutes after this was taken:


I don't understand why people are scared to say it.

A worrying proportion of black youths in inner city London commit crime, mostly against other black youths. It's part of the demographic of the population.

Whilst working in the south wales valleys most of the people I stop and searched were white, because it's mostly white people living in places like Bargoed, Blackwood, and Caerphilly. Whereas in places like Brixton there's a larger proportion of black people.

Everyone knows it, but are too frightened to say it for fear of being branded racist. Personally I think the Met should have a month off stop and search and see what happens.

Then we'll have these "community leaders" moaning about nothing being done about the inevitable robberies and stabbings.
I do find it quite bloody funny how all these black folk are complaining that too many black people are being stopped and searched. Yet, the Met has a whole unit just for black on black gun crime and it's pretty well known for dealing with black on black gun crime, but they don't whinge about that. But I agree with The Seagull - loads of white lads in Salford complain of stop and search, but not black people? Because Salford is full of white people. Crime is worse in certain areas, so search them.

NAFFI bit - Fucking tits to the whinging shits, like the bloody black woman who complained that the police only did the "no insurance" raod checks in black areas, but behind her was a line of about 20 cars pulled in the last 2 hours for no insurance. Stupid cow!

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