Stony Stratford, smoking ban.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chef, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. This might already have been posted, if so merge, or arrse hole it.

    Stony Stratford council is debating as to wether or not to ban smoking in the streets, Usual fixed penalty enforced by PCSOs etc.

    Before the 'nanny state outrage bus' is fired up, Stony Stratford considers itself;


    I think these people need help, or transportation to Anglia.
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  2. ah the `jewel of milton keynes` so you can polish a turd then
  3. Yes, that'l do the local shops and pubs good business then, sat inside a pub asking - "Do you have a smoking area my good man"? "Yes we do, turn left out of the front door and head for about 3 miles".
  4. Stony's not a bad night out, but hardly the Jewel of MK. Actually, now I think about it (I have family in MK) I can't think of a "jewel" anywhere in MK?!?!
  5. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    I don't think Stony Stratford Council quite grasp the irony of the title. Actually, living in the Candleford area, I have grown to quite like Stony - but whilst it is quaint in some ways, it is distinctly ruff rahnd the edges: it could only be a 'jewel' compared to a massive shithole like Milkand Beans
  6. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Not particularly surprised by this.

    It has been an interesting experience to witness the anti smoking brigade getting its own way.

    Every time they get what they want it then goes to the next level.

    For me it's like watching a Fascism lesson in action. And the sanctimonious moral high ground smugness that these fuckers possess gives me the shivers.

    Really creepy cunts these people are.

    Sorry to sound like Sven/Whet but does anybody have a link to this only too believable nonsense.
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  7. Its in today's Daily Express, I do agree that there is a self righteousness which is creepy. Yesterday the BMA, or doctor's trade union, were again trying to make organ donoring anopt out rather than an opt in policy. As someone who signed up for it years ago, I believe bikers are called 'organ donors' the day that becomes law, I'm out.

    Tin foil hat on, this is all coming to pass when assisted suicide is being debated.

    This is the NAAFI insert bollocks, prick, tits, or muff where required.
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  8. See A ban on outdoor smoking in Stony Stratford? Is this the Britain we want? - Telegraph. The anti-smoking brigade will continue to push
    their ground until everyone who has even sniffed baccy smoke is outlawed to Outer Mongolia. A perfect example of a minority pressure group gone ballistic!
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  9. Its old but says it all quite well I think :)

    But seriously, when will it stop?
  10. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for that.

    It is clear that the anti-smoking lobby want smoking proscribed in its entirety, compromise was never part of their agenda.
    It looks like they will get confident enough to try and ban it in the home although it could be fun to police.

    Originally they only wanted the pub/club/restaurant ban but I wasn't convinced of their sincerity even though they lied about being satisfied at the time. They never had any intention of leaving it there because its like a fucking crusade to them.

    When you hear them explain their actions its like listening to a fanatic, very Soviet style rigid phraseology which they repeat ad verbatim and ad nauseum. At risk of somebody invoking Godwins Law I feel that the anti-smoking lobby have a whiff of the Nazis about them.
    "How dare you disagree with me.....", that type of puffed up patronising attitude.

    As I said, these people are really creepy fuckers, there's a lot of it about these days.
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  11. Well, they'll never get any of the cool kids living there with a total smoking ban.

    It'll be boring and they'll move out, leaving the place a ghost town.

    Soapy titwank from a thai ladyboy.
  12. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Given that the decreasingly common habit of smoking is increasingly associated with undereducated, underachieving, economically inactive overweight folks with a wide reange of health issues, I'd like to thank you for a new and unexpected definition of 'Cool'
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  13. Zen


    Great. I can sell the other half of the roll of tickets that i've got left for the outrage bus now.
    All a fucking board.
    A ban on smoking in public places, a ban on smoking in cars when brats are in it.
    Next up, smoking to be made illegal completely, cigs disappear from shelves overnight and desperate wheezers and chavs emigrate to puff away in peace.
    Sounds like a fucking good plan to me, bring it on Cameron.
  14. May I refer you to my signature? Same thing.
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  15. Yeah,love it.

    Put all you stinky smokers on an island,and leave you there.

    It could be a warm island,like Filfla just of Malta,it still is a bombing range,isn't it? :)

    "Holier Than Thou Reformed Smoker"