Stonewall up to their usual tricks..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pacestick, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. F4 GOT

    no-one is safe from these people!

    for all they know a budding Chef or canal boater wanted them!!!
  2. thats what you would presume I mean noone else is going to want a registration like that or really care
  3. unless of course they are one of two of those perversions - or do i mean persuasions..?
  4. Not sure but I seem to get strange looks when driving about. My plate is FI57 ING (FISTING)
  5. oh ffs grow up and join the 21st centuary :roll:
    yes the padre is a complete cock but there are plenty of gblts or whatever members of arrse so give it a rest. homosexuals exsist always have always will don't worry about it.
  6. Or the MD of a below?

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  7. i'm fully aware they exist - one sits all of 2 feet from me 5 days a week - he doesn't mind the banter and nor should he considering he dances around the office like a fairy. On a more serious note though and i'm aware it's been discussed to death on arrse, but actions like this just wind everyone up for no reason. The phrases/words, whilst now commonly referred to as being derogatory are legitimately used in cookery and all things canal/river stuff..
  8. I have always had an interst in Inland Waterways. As a young Singly me and a few mates had a great week in Holland looking for Uterus Canals and Dikes. Halcyon days of the 1980's !
  9. Couldn't agree with you more. But as everytime Stonewall does something stupid and it is raised on ARRSE, those of us who are 'friends of Peter Mandelson' are united in agreeing that they can be a right bunch of fcukwits. But you can never go over it too many times I suppose....
  10. i showed this to my mate Joe, who is as gay as a gay thing from gaytown and his response was he'd give his eye teeth to get the F4 GOT reg! He'd also like QU33N!!
  11. I'll bet it was gayer/lezzer/st8 who couldn't afford the plates who complained, Stonewall jumped on it, nett result, they manage to p1ss off a load of gayer's/lezzer's who could of afforded the plates, and see the funny side of it.
  12. the other one he loved was B3ND3R :D He, unlike Stonewall, has a very good sense of humour!
  13. Only way I can get 'bender' to work on a plate :-

    BEN 63R or B311 DER
  14. Surely only a gay person would have these plates anyway? I mean, some skinhead will not buy it to offend gays by sticking it on his car, so what's the problem?
  15. How about F4IRY jarrod??