'Stoned fox' offends Russians


'Stoned fox' offends Russians - Telegraph

Politicians in St Petersburg are up in arms after a British artist arrived in the former imperial Russian capital with an exhibition that features a "stoned fox".

Leaders of the local branch of the Communist Party and a prominent city MP claim Adele Morse's stuffed fox – which sits with a dazed look in a human-like pose – is an insult to the nation because the artist allegedly said it "looks a bit sad and drunk and that's how Russians feel".

In a statement, St Petersburg communists called Ms Morse an "unfriendly emissary from England" and asked local authorities to close down her "vile, Russophobic" exhibition at the city's Geometria café. The artist had "allowed herself to mock a great people and its history", they said.
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Should have done a bear instead.

I thought Stoned Fox was a character from Metal Gear Solid.
I've seen some shit taxidermy before but that's in a class of its own.
It was done by an artist, so obviously it can't bear any resemblance to the real thing.


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Some fucking daft cunt will probably pay millions for the cunt.
I fucking hope so I have hundreds of them and they are all nicely ripening;



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russian's second on my list of hated peoples

Also is he knocking one out?

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