Stone throwing Iraqis: too angry to think straight

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lucky_Jim, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. It would seem that local Iraqis threw stones at British troops who came to the aid of the bombed patrol in Amara. The BBC website mentions video footage of this, and of a burning vehicle which contained the bomb.

    Link to story

    My initial thoughts are:

    Who shot this footage?

    Will the British media feature it (without the sensitive bits obviously) as prominently as they did the ‘abuse’?

    Will Iraqi politicians express their outrage at this, seeing as they’re so quick to take offence at wrongdoing?

    Iraq, the ‘cradle of civilisation’ is it? That's a sick joke if ever I heard one.

    Christ, I’m so angry I can barely speak. Take over for me someone, while I calm down.
  2. Jim, don't even bother asking the question mate, we all know the answer.
  3. I bet the warrior gunner's foot was very close to the Chain Gun peddle throughtout the stoning. I would be greatly surprised to see a headline tommorow in the SCUM praising the restaint of British Forces, of course thats not newsworthy is it.
  4. Well said, short-fuse! Well said indeed!

  5. In 1968 Soviet Union sent troops to Chechoslovakia. I was a boy then I didn't understand real causes. I was told that 'counter-revolutioners' tried to take away Chechoslovakia from 'shing road' to socialism and peoples democracy.

    So called 'counter-revolutioners' brought children on a road to use them as a human schield, to block advance of Soviet tanks. As a result one tank overturned (to avoid innocent deaths), 3 tankists died.

    Who was guily? Brezhnev and his gang. So called 'counter-revolutioners' were guilty too for using children as a human schield. The tankists are heroes, true soldiers.

    The Brits are heroes, true soldiers. RIP.

    Who are guilty? ... Only you have right to decide.
  6. Lucky_Jim wrote:
    Can't help thinking that the world realease of this information helped this situation begin and burn so fiercely.
  7. The coverage is a joke , headlines about the robbery in kent ,then some other dribble only then do the
    soldiers getting killed get a few minutes of airtime on TV. The WHOLE media are starting to really disgust me
    .Can anything be done about this ?i doubt it . As for those scrot raghead kids , well lets not start on them .
  8. It has been the lead story on the BBC website for some time however
  9. No one in this country is interested in the military anymore especially the brain dead media who are only interested in the sensationalising of events to suit their pathetic editors.
  10. I have been on SKY NEWS , point still stands
  11. Surely the smoke dischargers on a warrior can be adapted to fire CS for keeping rioters away from the vehicle?, this and the pictures of the rioting in Basra recently make me think that our armoured vehicles need adapting for 'non-lethal' response.
  12. I say fck'em all, lets go home.
  13. This "Shing Road"; is it in Chingford?

    I apologise for the banality but I get bored by the faux-soviet and his ass-smoke blowing platitudes...
  14. KGB - One of your chaps who defected to the West siad in a book that he and his mates when told they were going to stamp out some anti communist thugs they assumed they were going to Romania. They were surprised to find themselves heading towards Prague. He said that when he realised that his Government were more interested in stamping out dissidence to Moscow central, than a regime that was discrediting Marxism he came over to the West.

    We rarely believe what we read in the papers or what our politicians tell us.
  15. Dear Hellfyyr!

    It is very kind of you to point out to my obvious mistake in spelling. As a foreigner I could be forgiven, could I? Of course I meant 'shining' not 'shing'. Never mind to make such remarks in the future. Many thanks in advance.