Stone Roses Reunion Concert

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by RearWords, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. I was lucky enough to secure tickets for the Stone Roses reunion concert at Heaton Park, Manchester today but had to sell them on cause I have to be on a plane early tomorrow. So I'm hoping some lucky Arrser who is attending will give me the lowdown on how good they were and how misfortunate I've been by double booking myself.

    It's a toss up whether I've made the right decision...
  2. I was lucky enough to see them at Heaton Park last night and they were fantastic. Highlights were not surprisingly I am the Resurrection, Waterfall and Fools Gold. Of the support acts The Wailers were very good, The Justice Tonight Band (essentially Mick Jones and The Farm) were vocally terrible and stuck in a 1980's time warp (yes I hate Thatcher too but its time to move on) and Plan B isn't my thing. The audience was mostly pale looking Manchester bad lads who loved every minute and the greater proportion of them were utterly pissed. I couldn't be bothered to join the scrum at the bar but instead passively smoked a large quantity of dope from the people behind me (not very rock and roll but in the end I had to move 'cos I felt sick). Top marks to the canny Manc lad who guided many cars headed for the official park and ride into his unoffical event car park and whilst I was cheesed off with the extra 2 miles I had to walk to get the free bus he only charged me the going rate of £10. I found out later anyone with a Scouse accent was charged double and one was heard muttering "Dem Mancs dey fecking hate us dey do" so all in all it was a top night.
  3. I went on the friday, and to be honest, it was only ok. You couldn't hear Ian Brown at all, and because there were seventy thousand people there you couldn't see the stage. Which was brilliant as rather than using the massive screens on the side of it to show the band, they had some shit psychedelic screen saver playing on loop for most of it.

    Plus Heaton Park is a shit venue, so you couldn't get a drink once you got in. Mates of mine were queing two hours for a beer, and at a hundred quid for a crate in there, it was a piss take.

    Despite all that, and the utter nightmare of actually getting out of there and back into town, I actually enjoyed having a mass sing along in a field with thousands of genuinely happy people.

    Oh and I'd been fortunate to watch the Stone Roses from about ten feet away the friday before in Germany, so I wasn't that arsed about the whole place being a bit shit.

    So three and a half out of five from me.
  4. I went on the Saturday, and thought it was brilliant. Everyone seemed to let themselves go and have a good time, so the atmosphere was really good aswell.
  5. i myself participated in Saturdays gig.

    sound, to low.
    90 0dd sheets for 24 holsten pils !!
    end of show transport, i had to walk to cheetham hill to get a taxi.

    all in all,,

    good show

    pip pip
  6. I was there on Friday but didn't arrive till part way through Primal Scream, the M6 was a nightmare that afternoon; then again, it probably is every Friday afternoon.

    Anyway Primal Scream were on good form so setting the bar high for the boys and on they came.

    The sound was fine but agree the vocals got lost in the mix from time to time. Considering it was outdoors though, it was all probably as good as can be expected.

    I thought they did a good range of material from their catalogue and did them all very well with some interesting arrangements, not just straight copies of the orginal versions. Summary, it was better than I thought it would be, both acoustically and artistically, a definate recommend for any fan.

    Like any of these events buying the supplied food, beer, tat is always going to dissapoint; quality, service, price etc, any or maybe all of these are inevitable. I bought nothing once inside so maybe that helped.
  7. I've heard from various sources that traffic and transport were a nightmare on Friday, with regards to the prices of food and drink they were steep but I went there fully expecting they would be. I anticipated a long wait for the bus back to the car park but got one straight away. As to the volume yep it could have been cranked up a bit.
  8. p.s see you at V stoke...

    last years was sliced bread.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'You couldn't hear Ian Brown at all..'

    surely a plus point??

    had a lot of friends who stayed well clear as we could see it being full of aging scallies looking for aggro. nice to hear peeps enjoyed it.
  10. anybody with a parchment for the ''stone roses'', the clone roses are a trifle refreshing and a good show,,

  11. I moved close to the exit when Resurrection came on as I figured that was to be the last song. I also had a hotel room within about 15 minutes walk so no hassle for me getting back. When I got to the room I could see out of thew window streams of people wondering around aimlessly for ages afterwards, guess they got to bed much later than I did.

    Hope you enjoyed the gig as much as I did.
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  12. ...but then if it had been a hot sunny evening I would have probably bought a Fosters or two, whatever the price. That would have made it all even better.
  13. Pints of draught Fosters was only £4 each, so it was basically the same price as in the city centre, didnt bother me so much, just bought 2 at a time, ques for beer was only really bad when the bands were playing.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry I missed them. I cheered myself up by having them blast their beat out on my headphones instead.

    I've dined out on many stories associated with the outside gigs I've attended and will stomach most things but...not being able to hear Ian Brown? Raw deal for anyone who attended that night!