Stomach cramp while running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Benji-son, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. Hey there.

    The last two times i have been out running i have had severe stomach cramp to the point where i have to stop, curl up in a ball and hope to die.
    I have had stomach cramp while running before but nothing this extreme, usually i can run through it just like a stitch.

    Now could it be something to do with the fact i have just come back from a weeks holiday where the majority of each day was spent boozing?

    Can anyone tell me the main causes of stomach cramp and how to avoid them in the future?

  2. yes i can dont run that might help.
  3. I take it u warm up correctly? stomach cramps can be caused by many things, If they are that serious I would get urself to a doctor!
  4. Benji-son

    How long after eating do you go out running ?
  5. I give myself at least three hours after eating before i start running.

    Its just strange because i havn't changed anything, same diet, same warm-ups, same route.
    Here's an example of what happened:

    Tue: Start my 5 mile route after warm-ups. half mile down the road, dodgy stomach cramps.. rest for 3 mins and im fine, but come back again as soon as i start running.

    Wed: Do my run with no problems

    Thurs: Same as Tueseday :?

    Is there a known way to prevent stomach cramps in general?

    It gets right on my tits having to go home without even working up a sweat :x
  6. Might be lack od body salts or water mate. Or a dodgy kebab!!
  7. Are you on your period by any chance? If the answer is yes, eat lots of chocolate and moan to your bf/husband.
  8. I have the same problem sometimes. I found starting the run slow and building up to a 'push yourself' sort of pace only when well warmed up got rid of the stomach cramps. I think you are going too quickly at the begining.

    Saying slow down is a frustrating bit of advice for any runner to take but it works for a lot of problems.