Stolen Whitehouse & US Treasury Gold belongs to Brits.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. Tony the poodle will return it to King George Yip Yip Horay

  2. It should go on display in the British Museum

  3. It should be sold and the money used for service charities

  4. It should be sold and the money used for ethnic minorities

  5. It should be given to the people of Canada

  6. It should be sold and the money used to fund the new Ministry of Apology

  1. A DISPUTE has broken out between Britain and US treasure hunters over who can claim thousands of gold coins discovered on a British gunship that sank off the Canadian coast nearly two centuries ago.

    The frigate HMS Fantome and a small commercial fleet sank in a storm off Nova Scotia in November 1814, filled with treasure stolen by British troops after they ransacked and set fire to the White House.

    Sovereign Exploration Associates International, a US exploration company, believes that it has found the fleet but has been denied further access to the underwater site after the British Government lodged a fierce objection with the authorities in Montreal. “These two particular warships are under international law considered property of the British Government,” said Elizabeth Whiting, of the British High Commission in Montreal, referring to the Fantome and HMS Tilbury, another wreck off Cape Breton.

    President Madison provoked a war with Britain in 1812, mainly over his desire to claim Canada, then part of the British Empire, as US territory.

    In August 1814 British soldiers invaded Washington, looting and burning every public building in the city, including the White House, the US Capitol and the US Treasury. They loaded their substantial haul on to the small fleet, headed by the Fantome, which set sail for Halifax, a busy British garrison at the time. The fleet ran into a vicious storm on November 24, 1814, and sank.

    Article in full,,11069-2370788,00.html
  2. Thank you Jihad for reminding us of our last visit to 1600 Pennsalviania Ave.
    Oh the Yanks where Empire building back then and it would be nice to see the Trophys of War returned to their rightful owners, HM government.
  3. We'll have it back in the form of discounted Helicopters/A10's/Radio systems and dancin' ladies please.

  4. It wasn't called the White House until afterwards, as it was white washed to cover the smoke and fire damage.
    Found this out as I walked round the perimeter fence in '86, as there is a series of loudspeakers giving a history commentary :D

  5. Ah thats a tour I'll have to take.
  6. that'll be the fusiliers' dough then, 'twas they (20th of foot) that did the good dead of robbing the yanks and burning down their pretty house.......
    they then became the lancs fusiliers and as such onto the RRF. So, on the fusiliers behalf...... i'l take good care of that........
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I suspect that existing maritime laws, will cover who can claim this treasure. I didn't care for any of the choices in the poll.

    I could live with any rule, that the courts make, based on the currant maritime laws though.
  8. I was under the impression it was The Marines who set most of the bonfires, which was why (out of mutual service respect) The US Marines headquarters was one of the only buildings left standing?
  9. I'm not sure that Canada would have any legal claim to the treasure, even it is within our 12-mile limit. I don't know what the current international maritime laws say about it, but provided that Canada, the US and the UK are all signatories, then I'm with Trip Wire. Follow the law.

    At any rate, it would still be interesting to see the loot displayed in a museum or museums somewhere.
  10. Surely the wrecks of naval ships are considered war graves?
  11. Put in the museum along with all the other stuff we have stolen off people durring the days of the Empire!

    For King and Country!
  12. Apparently the 85th Foot removed the Union Flag from the 'White House' before they set it on fire.

    The flag is apparently now housed in Shrewsbury Regimental Museum, with the US asking for it to be returned each year!!
  13. along with somebodies bible isnt it? Shouldnt it go to canada to pay for damages caused by the American war of aggresion or would that be setting a dangerous precedent? :twisted:
  14. Give da gowld ta uzz, ta compensate uzz fer da "Famine"! :D :D :D

  15. I good mate’s father used to work for a big US company. They were holding a conference in Washington DC. All the none locals were given a new polaroid camera and told to go out, see the sites and bring back a photo to show everyone. He took a photo of the White House and then took a picture of him self burning the first photo. He titled the photo “The Brits set light to the White House, again!” :D Apparently it didn’t go down too well……