Stolen weapons

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by copper_knobblet, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Could be worse- I seem to remember reading a couple of yeras ago that the Russians have 17 suitcase-sized nuclear weapons unaccounted for!
  2. I like the way they suggest that one SA80 getting lost on an excercise is more 'dramatic' than a raid on a Artillery armoury in which 28 Brownings got nicked. It comfortably puts the onus on the squaddie rather than armed criminal gangs.

    Interesting priorities the press...
  3. They also dramatised the article by neglecting to mention it was a female army captain who left the weapon behind :twisted:
  4. What i love even more than this is "SA80 rifle capable of firing 700 rounds a minute". Good lord 700 rounds shouldnt that be banned under the geneva convention 8O :roll:. When did this raid on an artillery armoury happen?! To me 28 pistols represent a much greater danger than one un-conceable rifle (touch-wood) I seem to remember a whole 4tonner of weapons getting caught in a flood and washed away in kenya or somewhere like that?
  5. The list of weapons lost in NI between 2000-2005 is provided by the MOD here.

    FOIA has now given journalists a very easy and cheap way to research stories :roll:
  6. Its here, appears they recovered some bits...