Stolen Valour- Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2, at 1.30

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Picasso, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Jeremy Vine show in half an hour will be talking about the recently convicted arrsehole who got 60 hours community service for wearing medals he hadn't won.
    Guest will be Laura Marcus on the basis that her boyfriend once served for four years in Junior leaders many moons ago.
    Her view is that the issue is unimportant and that the chap is deserving of our sympathy as he's obviously not well poor love. She also states that he's stolen no-one's honour. He has hurt himself far more than he could possibly have hurt anyone else. So yes, she feels sorry for him!
    Why, when so many service men have done so much to try to raise the profile on this matter some woman who goes out with someone who once served for a bit years ago is called on as an expert view is beyond me.
    This decietful lying basteward lied to his wife about his service and painted himself as a war hero to her- so he's probably guilty of obtaining consent by deception too...I hope she divorces him and launches a case for this charge against him.
    Listen in to the show ..but before it even starts I urge all of you who feel strongly to contact them and tell them what you think-
  2. This is at least the second time Jezzer has discussed this topic on his show. I remember a Friday show last year were he highlighted the problem. He had contributions from serving personnel at the time (some of whom clearly grace these hallowed pages), IIRC. I say 'well done' for bringing the issue to the wider audience...

    Jimbo, was that the doorbell?
  3. Is it just me or has this now been done to death, it was news 2 months ago now its just dull. As for your suggestion we all ring in to the show, why, what's the point? To allow sanctimonious Jeremy to go through his usual amateurish devils advocate routine? Yawn.
  4. Fern Britton is standing in for Jeremy- and I've already told you Laura Marcus's standpoint. I am attempting to get the voice heard of the majority- who want these lying bastards brought to book.
    You have heard a few interviews now so think the issue is dealt with?! it has taken years of people trying to raise the profile and bringing the seriousness of this crime to the fore and its only now STARTING to be taken seriously.
    Sorry you are so quickly bored with the subject but some of us have spent years trying to get it dealt with.
  5. This one incident may be old news but the whole thing is an ongoing concern and is only going to get worse. It should be brought to the attention of the public so that it can be addressed properly. Those of us who are legitimately entitled to them should be able to wear them with pride without fear of our professionalism, sacrifice and bravery being eroded and diluted by immitators. Surely?
  6. served for four years in junior leaders ?? how many times was he backsquadded ? :D
  7. You can phone , text or mail your views. I urge many of you to do so in the next ten minutes so that a proper understanding of our view on this serious issue is put across.
  8. Hmm,

    First of all he has been brought to book. He has been convicted and sentenced in court. Is it a re-introduction of the stocks that you advocate so that we could further humiliate people after they have committed such a quote 'serious crime'.

    Secondly I feel truly sorry for you if you have spent years of your life trying to deal with this problem, what a waste of those years.
  9. Four years in Junior Leaders ?, I joined at 15 and only did 2 1/2 years
  10. I would phone in but I'm on my way round to 'chat' to his wife and show her my 'medals' as long as I can see her gongs.
  11. The thing is this bloke was a stupid fool , its the other d**k heads like Gym Shorts that are dangerous
  12. Just came across this whilst looking for something else:

    Walter Mittys
  13. Well, what a disappointment that was. Such a shame the show failed to get a 'qualified' opinion. So, Laura Marcus thinks Mr Day was just a disappointed man who needed attention? And the caller 'Gary', what an idiot. Gary, if you're reading this, it's opinions like yours which mean the rest of us are never taken seriously and don't get the time to put forward a serious argument. Fool.
  14. I agree, there are some walts who are truly dangerous. Walts who falsify their military careers for personal gain or to get access to vulnerable people.

    Most walts are however IMHO just deluded, sometimes mentally ill fantasists. I'm not saying they shouldn't be exposed as fools, but I'm not sure that the weight of the law should be brought down on them unless they are using their deception for gain.
  15. Fern Britain made me almost feel sorry for the sad wonker, just like she did for the lieing cnut Blair, if this bloke couldnt make it through Juniors, tough shite, he was not good enough to be a member of the Army he should just live with it and not go around making a cnut of himself