Stolen Valor Act

Yes, I am fully aware that the word valour in the thread title is spelled in the US fashion and not as it is spelled in any other English speaking country. However the reference is to the title of a US law.
As some may know, last year the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (in San Francisco) held the Stolen Valor Act to be unconstitutional. An appeal is before the US Supreme Court. Now the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (sitting in Denver) has determined the Stolen Valor Act is constitutional. This conflict between two Circuit Courts greatly increases the likelihood that the issue will be granted a hearing before the Supreme Court.

Washington Post story here:

Denver appeals court upholds federal military impostor law, says lies not protected speech - The Washington Post

For those few Arrsers who have a deep interest in American constitutional law, the full text of the courts opinion is available on the courts web page. The case number is 10-1358
.:The U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals:.
It is a shame there is not something similar here.
I sometimes think that the American tendency to fetishise their armed forces, may be the flip side of the tendency to throw them into so many ill-considered adventures.


Really? The US has nothing usefull to teach tbh.
Don't go ruining it. LCpl Pigshagger needs to show the world that his GSM is worth something. Even if he did spend the entire tour accounting for the contents of the G10 store.
Update on this here: Stolen Valor Supreme Court Debate: Are Fake War Heroes Criminals? - ABC News

It's interesting to read the debates on the legality, beyond the obvious morality issues, of lying about military experience.
It was interesting to read. Hard to tell how the court will come down on this one. I had only once case there and my client, a city, lost 8-1*. Interesting that Kagan was sitting as there were rumours that she would recuse herself due to work she did as solicitor general. Justice Sotomayor is fairly centrist lady. Kagan is much more to the left on most issues, Obama appointee, avid fan of softball and according to a former neighbor of hers that I know is fond of comfortable shoes.

*Note re 8-1 loss. A good way to lose. If I had lost 5-4 would have spent the rest of my life thinking about what I could have done differently. 8-1 means that no matter what I did the law I was defending would have been held unconstitutional.
An Englishman knows you can't steal valour no matter how you spell it, you either have it or you don't. Wearing military medals,decorations or badges of rank to which you cannot show entitlement should be made an offence under criminal law with a fine for the first offence and a custodial sentence for subsequent offences. Of course that would make the Walt Hunters redundant,a sign of the times I guess.

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